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Hair maintenance is something I have struggled with especially during my teen years and relied on my mother and hairdressers. You see my hair is everything tangled and twisted it’s not easy to manage or maintain in my case. I have had hair on hair that would make Rapunzel jealous but as I got older that changed. Now I am the one jealous of Rapunzel and want that kind of hair thickness back.


Regular readers know my confidence got knocked back when I started loosing hair in the middle of my head. It’s not something as a woman you would expect, especially pre-kids and with no drastic hormonal changes. I tried many products hoping to regrow my hair including FolliOne products. They seemed to help my hair grow back and I was honestly over the moon. Since then I have been on a hunt for great products that would help my hair especially the middle part grow even more.


Disclosure: I was sent the Shampoo and Hair Serum for the purpose of this review. All opinions shared throughout this post are 100% honest and are my own. 

Hair Maintenance with ÉTERN’L

ÉTERN’L isn’t a brand I was familiar until a couple of weeks ago when they offered A July Dreamer the opportunity. Not only do I get to try some of their products but one lucky reader will stand a chance to win the same products. All ÉTERN’L products are made in France from high quality ingredients in Provence Lille. What impressed me the most is their commitment to providing effective products that are environmentally friendly. We have too many products with toxic chemicals on the market it’s a relief to have non-toxic products.

The ÉTERN’L hair care product range targets healthy hair, from root to tip, to get longer, thicker and more glossy hair, to slow down hair loss and accelerate hair growth. The ÉTERN’L hair care products protect, boost your hair and make it grow, while respecting the scalp. 


Review ~ Personal Experience

As someone who is aiming to have longer and thicker hair, their mission statement spoke volumes. I won’t lie it’s been disheartening trying other products and not seeing results that I wished to see. When I decided to give ÉTERN’L  products a try, I did not have high hopes for fear of disappointment. I am definitely glad to report that the shampoo and serum did not disappoint, not in the slightest.

The shampoo comes in a 250 ml clear plastic bottle with an easy to open lid and is pink in colour. It is claimed that this perform is for all types of hair, contains 3 active ingredients plus an essential oil. At first I didn’t think it would work on my Afro as many shampoos are targeted for western type of hair. I am happy to report the shampoo worked wonders and ensure my scalp was clean and had no dirt. Though I can not be 100% sure, since I started using the shampoo my hair feels a bit stronger and thicker. I won’t attribute the hair growth completely to the shampoo but in combination with the serum and other hair products I use.

How to use the shampoo

Apply a generous amount to wet hair, lather and massage into scalp before applying to the ends. Then allow for it to sit for one minute before rinsing, this helps to make the hair more smoother.

The serum comes in a 100 ml plastic bottle, it too is pink in colour with an easy to open lid. It has 7 ingredients plus an essential oil and smells really lovely with an impressive serum texture. I have been using the serum daily because it claims to stop hair loss and protects the hair from damage. Hair loss is something personal to me so anything that claims to prevent hair loss but encourage growth I want in.

How to use the serum

Apply 20-30 drops daily either in the morning or at night by massaging gently and evenly on the scalp. It’s important to allow for the serum to get absorbed into the scalp to promote hair growth.

Though my hair maintenance is not the greatest, the serum more than shampoo has made a difference. I can’t claim that the hair growth and thickness has all been due to serum it certainly has helped. I would definitely recommend this brand and especially these products to those who need a little boost.

Giveaway ~ Win 1 bottle Shampoo {250 ml} and 1 bottle serum {100 ml}.

Now for the giveaway, please follow the instructions and rules on the rafflecopter. The products will be shipped directly to the winner by ÉTERN’L  and NOT A July Dreamer.

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