{Sister’s Review} Foodies Festival with Sparkling Ice 

A July Dreamer readers know when I attend events with my sister I like her to share her experience. The recent visit to the Oxford Foodies Festival was no exception and here are her thoughts.  Our sponsor for this event was Sparkling Ice who are an American company making lightly flavoured water. The flavoured water only contains 12 calories and has vitamins too.

Currently in the UK they have 5 flavours on sale but have about 20 in the States. For the UK folks, you can get yourself a bottle from local supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s. As well as high street stores like WHSmith, Superdrug and Boots. Without further ado, here is my sister’s experience of the Oxford foodies festival.

Foodies Festival

Foodies Festival with Sparkling Ice 

This past weekend my sister and I were sent some tickets to a local Oxford foodies festival. The location was perfect as it was only a stone throw away from where I live. With no travelling hassle whatsoever, we left the house 5 minutes before the event started. Even with that we still had to queue for roughly 20 minutes and thankful the weather was favourable. The temperature was just right, the food and music were on point, a recipe for a good time.

Entering the grounds of Green park where the event was held, we made our way to Sparkling ice stand. It was an opportunity for us to thank our sponsor and to try the different flavours that the brand offers. As mentioned above you can purchase them from Boots, Superdrug, WHSmith, Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s. Keep an eye out for the brand, chances you’ve probably had one of their drinks and hadn’t realised.

Personal Favourite Sparkling Ice Drink! 

My personal favourite is the Kiwi Strawberry, it is flavorsome, sugar free, juicy and only 12 calories. Prior to the festival I’d just endure a 10 mile run, having this juice afterwas just great!

  • I felt as though the drink has really quenched my thirst with a compliment of flavour.
  • Felt energised and the mixture of the two fruits has added benefits. Strawberries: taste, contain potassium, boost your immune system, aid weight lose and so much more. Kiwi: excellent source of fibre, help with digestion, contains vitamin C and the list goes on.

As someone who recently changed their lifestyle in terms of food and just the way I treat my body. I made sure the food choices I made this past weekend were both smart but also not limiting myself to what I can consume. I didn’t want to ruin or stumble because I have been working hard for the last couple of months.
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Foodies Festival

A glass of Raisignac

A taste of France 

I made sure the foods I tried were not only good for me mentally but physically as well. So at the next stand I made sure I helped myself to some bubbly I’ve changed my eating habits I haven’t gone completely nuts. There’s always room in my body for wine, though I personally prefer cider, I was treated to some very lovely Raisignac.
As we worked our way around the festival we came across a chocolate and churros stand. We met a really lovely family who educated us about the chocolate and the process of making churros. We were also able to sample the freshly made churros which tasted amazing especially because they were freshly made.

Throughout the festival it seemed as though there was a running theme of booze, booze and more booze.  We felt as though this event should have been called the Food and Drinks festival rather than Foodies Festival. Some of the glorious temptations that were there, were just too good to eat.

For a sweet tooth

At this point we’d made our way through the festival and finally settled down in a nearby tent.  A lovely lady from the Great British Bake Off and her host showed us some really yummy alternative scones vegan options.

The overall experience of the festival in my opinion went down a treat. The weather was perfect, there was plenty of booze, good music and lots going on for families, friends and lovers. Sparkling ice drinks offer a variety of flavours within their range and are definitely a much better option for those of us who at times struggle to drink tap water. The flavours are so broad, there’s just bound to be flavour you like, definitely give this brand a try. There so many brands out there, which are branded as “healthy” but contain enough sugar to fill the whole of Buckingham palace.

Thank you Sparkling Ice UK, for ensuring that not only did my sister and I have a good time but we were also able to try something new and broaden our horizon.