Sparkling Ice at Oxford Foodies Festival 

Last weekend my sister and I attended the Oxford Foodies Festival which was held at South Park in Headington. Attending the Foodies Festival was made possible by our lovely sponsor Sparkling Ice who bought us tickets. The beautiful thing about this was my sister and I had all the intentions of attending the festival. But before we could purchase the tickets we were asked to attend this foodies  event.

Foodies  Festivals have been happening all over the country for a few years now and this year it was held in Oxford. This was our first time attending the festival and let me tell you it was the best place for a family outing. Of late my sister and I have been spending a lot of time together and this Festival was another great opportunity. It so happened that South Park is next door to her house which was so perfect. We didn’t have to travel far nor carry anything apart from our wallets and enthusiasm.

Our Sponsor Sparkling Ice  ~ Oxford Foodies Festival

Sparkling Ice was first launched in 1999 in the USA and years later in 2016 it launched in the United Kingdom. From its inception in the United States, 20 different flavours combinations have been created but only 5 in UK. We were lucky enough to try all of the 5 flavours at the festival with Kiwi Strawberry being the favourite.

Foodies Festival ~ Perfect family outing

Foodie festivals are the perfect way to spend time as a family and make a family outing out of it.  Though it was our first time attending a foodies festival we could see a perfect family outing happening. The set up of the Oxford foodies festival was a simple but family friendly atmosphere. It was like going to a park but with lots of food, drinks and child friendly activities. The weather was perfect with no cloud in sight and atmosphere was buzzing. What we enjoyed about this foodies festival was the variety of foods, drinks and activities available. One unexpected activity was a showcasing of the new Peugeot cars, it’s not something you expect at a foodies  festival.

Foodies Festival – Food variety

As mentioned there was a huge variety of foods at the festival, from pan-Asian to Brazilian dishes. But as I wasn’t in the mood to try something new or more traditional dishes I opted for a Bento box with Prawns. Though who know me know how much I love my Asian foods and can not get enough of them.

The foodies festival was a success with so many families turning up and the weather complied. And thanks to Sparkling Ice we were able to enjoy the festival and quenched the thirst with their flavoured water.