Is Your Heating on in September?

With the recent cold snap comes either a dreaded realization or gleeful anticipation – winter is just around the corner. Whether you enjoy the chilly months or would rather hibernate, there are a few choice nuggets of wisdom to bear in mind when braving the cold in the coming months:



Is Your Heating on in September?

First of all, you’re probably going to want to put your heating on, if you haven’t already. Some people invest in a cheaper solution, like an electric heater or a wood burner, while others just limit the central heating usage to a couple of hours a day, or wait until off-peak times to use it.

Regardless of which method you use, having your home heated by an appliance or internal system can be essential for making those long, nippy nights more comfortable for the whole family – however, careful consideration of the increased risk of fire during this portion of the year is a must.

It’s not all doom and gloom, however – Ironmongery Experts sell dorgards at competitive prices, so if you want a little extra peace of mind it can be a worthwhile investment. These devices can be attached to the bottom of the door a plunger that keeps the door open at any angle you choose. Designed to retrieve the plunger upon the activation of the fire alarm, a dorgard will ensure any door it’s applied to will automatically shut in the event of a fire, making it a crucial countermeasure in the riskiest months of the year.

If you need someone to manage the implementation of one of these potentially life-saving devices, a local London Handyman from Handy Squad can install fire safety equipment in all its forms. Dedicated to fulfilling a diverse range of home-improvement needs, they’ve provided a first-class service for over 10 years.

So whether you like the season or not – stay safe, warm, and happy this winter.

This article was written by David Newman, managing director of Ad Lab – Magento E-Commerce Growth Specialists. David is a regular contributor of lifestyle blogs. Writing about a variety of topics such as health, sports, hobbies and everything in-between.