White for Fall 

White for Fall


White for fall, does that even make sense to anyone? Who cares, its fashion and it’s not meant to make sense to anyone but the fashionista. What I love about Fashion is that it fits everyone and everyone should choose what fits them. As we enter the month of September and prepare for fall, I thought about wearing white for fall.

No one says I can’t and normally during Fall and Winter months I gravity towards darker colours. This year I am aiming to change that and try wearing white for fall. Though wearing white is never easy because it’s hard to maintain and keep clean but it looks awesome. It is easy to style and can be worn to practically all occasions even when running errands or date night.

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Fall or Autumn as we Brits call it is a time for Jumpers, boots and hot cocoa everyday all day. I won’t claim to like  Autumn but I do not dislike it either has it does have its own charm. Though I am not one for pumpkin spice lattes or whatever Starbucks has this year, I do LOVE HOT CHOCOLATES. There is so much to like about the arrival of the Autumnal weather and these include:

  • The leaves change colour: This morning I looked outside at the trees in my front yard and leaves have started to change colour. It is such a beautiful site to behold and somehow gave me a new perspective to start my day.
  • Back to School: A new school year has started, for some it’s starting at a new school and others it’s a new class. Though some of us feel summer have been robbed from us, I am still looking forward to fall.
  • Halloween and Thanksgiving: Though these are not exactly Brit holidays, it’s fun to join into the celebrations. For us Brits we have Bonfire night in November to look forward to provided it doesn’t rain.
  • Christmas, well technically it’s more winter than Autumn but it is the last family holiday for the year.