Local Adventures: Ashdown House #localtourist

Being a local tourist in your own city is one of the best local adventures one can partake in. Visiting Ashdown House is my third local adventure of 2017, I am excited to see even more places around me. What has truly fascinated me since joining the National Trust is just how much there is to see. I live in Oxfordshire but also very close to Berkshire and London, making this the primal location. Local adventures are plentiful including my own little village of Didcot, a living museum of Great Western Railway.

There are so many local adventures that I will be embarking on between now and end of 2017. At the moment, my plan is to visit as many National Trust properties in Oxfordshire and Berkshire as possible. Then I will move afield to the nearest counties around England and Wales. With that being said, here is my latest adventure to Ashdown House.

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Ashdown House #localtourist

Ashdown House, also known as Ashdown Park is a 17th-century country house in Oxfordshire. The house was built in a hunting style by William for his good friend Elizabeth as a retirement home. Unfortunately Elizabeth, sister of Charles I died before the house could be completed. The house has had it’s fair share of tenants including the army during the world war II.

In 1956, Ashdown House became a National Trust property after being donated by William’s wife. The army had left the house in such a state that to be maintained the house is tenanted out. Though mostly only rich people have rented the house and only for short period of time.

The house has been restored and is accessible to the public for guided tours on Wednesdays between 2pm and 4pm. All tours start at quarter past the house and last up to 45 minutes if not less from the stair case to the roof. I was truly impressed with how detailed the tour guide was, explaining each painting in the house. The rest of the estate is also well maintained, the grounds are gorgeous all around the house.

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When it comes to parking, there isn’t a lot of room to park cars and you can not park closer to the house. But what I can promise is the beautiful scenery from outside the house and also from the house. The rest of the property is child friendly, there is lots of space for kids to place.

Address: Lambourn, Newbury, Berkshire, RG17 8RE

  • Blair Villanueva

    Thanks for sharing another local tourist attraction. This building is very interesting with full of stories. If only walls can speak, it could share many stories (and gossips).

  • Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi

    Oh wow, this is such a charming and beautiful place to visit!

  • Tanya Finks

    What an interesting history this building has. And smart of you to take advantage of being so near. I think we sometimes overlook our local treasures.

  • Pretty nice I would love to visit once as is near london definitely I will

  • Shannon Graham

    I loved reading about this. This looks like an awesome place to visit.

  • Dawn Wairimu

    i love checking out new places near me that i havent explored yet. perfect way to learn more about the history of your own town!

  • Paula Bendfeldt-Diaz

    I love being a tourist in my own back yard, it’s always fun to get to know the attractions close to you. This is a beautiful house and I love that it’s got so much history.

  • Newcastle Family Life

    What a lovely building, I really need to visit more places like this myself x

  • Glad to hear it Katja and hope you get a chance to explore this lovely historical building

  • Emmanuel Damian

    Great photos! I wish I can visit these buildings soon. I want to do a photoshoot here.

  • Clairejustineo

    This looks beautiful. I would love to take a walk around here 🙂

    • Its a gorgeous area to explore with such beautiful scenery

  • Nancy

    I love that you share the inside of your destinations. One thing I miss here in Europe is the English achitecture and interior decoration of historic buildings.

    • Thanks Nancy, wherever I go that they allow photography inside I like giving my readers a glimpse of what I saw

  • Lynnette Joselly

    Love the interior of that house, reminds of the game Clue lol

  • Oh wow how absolutely beautiful is Ashdown House, what a lovely place to spend some time being a local tourist.

    • It’s a gorgeous house, though not readily rented but would be amazing to spend a summer break here

  • Laura @dearbearandbeany

    What a gorgeous property, we are so lucky to have the National Trust to take on these properties and keep them nice

    • I couldn’t agree more, this is why I became a member so I can support NT who is ensuring these heritages are kept in good condition for future generations

  • This is such a gorgeous home. I would so love to go through it. London has so many amazing historical homes.

    • It sure does and I am fortunate to have access to some of them as a National Trust member

  • Jamie M. Causer Nicholls

    This is right up my alley! Being a real estate agent by profession, I enjoy touring historical homes. Beautiful photos!

  • I agree! It is so much fun to be a tourist in your own city and Ashdown house looks beautiful. It reminds me of a more intimate version of Blenheim Palace. I love that it is 17th Century as well x

    • I thought the same about Ashdown House when I visited it, it reminded me of Blenheim Palace somehow though I dare say Blenheim hits this one out of the park

  • This is really interesting, the architecture is really beautiful. It’s so nice having so much history and culture tucked away in little pockets around the UK. We are very lucky.

    • We truly are very lucky to have such history and culture right at the door step

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I’m so jealous you live close to such fascinating places! I love the idea of exploring places close to home, even if this is far from my own!

    • I am sure your local also has some exciting places to explore too.

  • Looks like a perfect place to go on a day trip! I need to get out there and explore more! I have been living in the UK for 2 years and a half now but still don’t know much about it

    • This would be a great way to start learning about the history of the UK outside google lol

  • On my bucket list! I adore old houses and need to get out on the road and start exploring more! So much fun!

    • Exploring locally has truly been fun for sure and can not wait to share more.

  • Gotta love local adventures! I try to find new ones every day!

  • Robin Rue

    That sounds like a really cool place to visit. You are always going to the neatest spots.

  • This looks beautiful & I love that it is child friendly too!

  • Lauren Porter

    We just joined the NT & I can’t wait to get out exploring! This looks like a lovely place to visit – Oxfordshire isn’t too far from us 🙂 X

    • Glad to hear it and hope you manage to add this onto your list