Style up The Idle Man in your Life

The Idle Man, do you have one of those in your life lounging around at home or wherever? Well I have two of those, just kidding I call them Dad and Brother not an entirely incorrect assumption though. Joking aside, The Idle Man is a men’s online destination that champions style over fashion. Started in 2014 by Oliver Tezcan an expert in men’s Fashion with 10+ years experience he gained from ASOS.

Since the company’s inception, it has acquired team members with varied experiences from Selfridges, Topman, River Island, and more. Prior to The Idle Man reaching out, I was not familiar with the company and wanted to find out more. I was delighted to learn that these experts in men’s fashion also offer free personal styling service. Women’s fashion seems to be a trade that is growing leaps and bounds whilst not much growth for men’s fashion. It is therefore important to know there are brands and companies out there focusing specifically on men’s fashion.

The Idle Man

The Idle Man ~ look good with minimum hassle

Though not all the men I know care about Fashion trends and what’s hot off the press, they do like to look stylish. My father is happy to just wear his comfortable clothing whilst my brother takes more pride in his appearance. Being a millennial, his more involved in his style and keeps up with what’s trending. But he does say it is hard for men to keep up with the not so changing trends than for women.

We were happy when The Idle Man reached out and offered us another alternative to men’s fashion. Offering men some of the favourite brands around as well as the company’s own label. And do not fret, they use the same factories as most of the famous brands but they cut out the middle man. The clothes are not only affordable but are items that make you look and feel your best.

I know not everyone is completely sold on online shopping and the convenience it brings, The Idle Man has a store. Yes! you read correctly, the store is located in London, offices in Shoreditch and warehouse plus customer care in Manchester. For my international readers do not fret, international delivery is free for items over $75 or £50 for the UK.

Helpful information

As we prepare for the upcoming cooler weather, I figured I pick items for my brother and father that they can use now. There is a lovely sale currently ongoing and you can pick up a couple of items for the idle man in your life. It is also an awesome time to start thinking about what kind gifts you want to give your loved ones.

Whenever I am shopping online I have to check what type of delivery and return services are available. What’s the point in purchasing loads or even little when delivery charges are extortionate. I am glad to report that free delivery which is standard delivery is offered as well as next day delivery. The next day delivery costs up to £5.95 if the order is place before 5pm. Some good news for students, 20% discount is offered once you’re verified as a student. When it comes the payment options, you can pay with; Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and PayPal.

The collage above shows some of the items we picked in this collaboration and soon we will showcase them. Thank you to The Idle Man for reaching out and offering us another alternative to Men’s Fashion. Are you familiar with the company? Share with the men in your life for affordable and stylish clothing without the hassle.