Wrap up warm this Autumn with The Idle Man

Wrap up warm this autumn as the cool breeze seems to be heading our way. I am someone who doesn’t like being cold same thing for the men in my life, my brother especially. Our collaboration with The Idle Man brought out some ideas of items we could purchase this autumn. We all know that men are not the easiest people to shop for and we often struggle with finding their style. Well fret not, The Idle Man has done all the hard work and put a lookbook together. I for one love this lookbook, it’s definitely something I have recommended to my brother to help him with styling.

warm up warm this autumn

The aim of this post is to share how our men can warm up warm this autumn with our sponsor The Idle Man. Do not worry as I mentioned in my previous post, they stock both own brand and other brands. Other brands include; TIM BrandLevi’sNudie and Dr Martens. For this collaboration I wanted to pick items from the own brand and compare to other brands. It was important for me to be able to talk about the quality of the products they make and sell.

How to wrap up warm this Autumn with The Idle Man

I mentioned in our previous post that I chose the clothing for my brother and for my father. For each one I picked a jacket and a T-shirt because both of them often dress like that normally. I’ve mentioned my brother and father have different styles which is to be expected, their generations apart.

warm up warm this autumn with the idle man

As the nights get longer and the days get darker, most of us gravitate towards darker colours. This is definitely the case from my poor father, he’s all about black on black every day. The fashionista in the family {sister} always encourages him to add some colour to his outfits. His answer he paired the Nylon Coach Jacket Black {£35} with his blue loafers. That is as colourful as you will get father dearest to go but he looks good anyway. He looks that this jacket keeps him warm and not the sweaty kind {his words}.

When it comes to the millennial man in the family, he loves to play around with colours. He paired the Cotton Lightweight Hooded Jacket in Navy {£45} with a beige trouser for work. It is a simple look but it is casual and smart enough for work. One thing my brother loved about this hooded jacket is how warm and light weight it is. He like me do not like being cold but it’s not yet time for the winter jackets.

Other ways to keep warm this Autumn

  • Have a hot drink – I am a sucker for a cold hot chocolate and often you will find me enjoying one.
  • Use a hot water bottle – though not public friendly, I certainly enjoy using mine at home and work.
  • Wear a scarf – A scarf can be a great way to retain the heat and stay warm.
  • Warm socks and gloves – keeping your feet and hands warm is very important, socks and gloves can help.
  • Layer up – though I was never a fan, but it is the cheapest and quickest way to stay warm.

And there you have it, ways to wrap up warm this autumn with The Idle Man. This is a collaborative piece with The Idle Man but all opinions shared are our own.

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