{Fashion Monday} Autumn Outfit 


autumn outfitWhen it comes to planning outfits for days out or running errands I never really plan. Normally I look in my closet and what I fancy on that day is what I would wear. Autumn has been by far the best season this year, maybe because more of the year has been autumn. On my recent local adventures I started looking at what I seem to be reaching for more and more.

What has become my go to autumn out has been, skinny jeans paired with trainers or boots. Most of the places I am visiting have large estates that need to be explored. And as it’s autumn most of these estates with impressive fields have muddy gardens. So my go to autumn outfit has to be fit for purpose therefore having Butterfly ankle boots has been god-sent.

What is your go-to Autumn Outfit?

When planning autumn outfits first thing that come to mind is I need to be warm. But I also need to be comfortable and where possible fashionable too. I have found that layering has been working for me more than I gave it credit. Those who know me know how much I despised layering especially if it involved wearing tights. But looking back I just did not know what worked for me and that’s important. Now I know I am more of a leggings person that tights.

Obviously autumn is no summer therefore my outwear has to be slightly warmer but not winter warmer. One of my favourite pieces is my new look faux leather jacket which I have all season round. It is so easy to dress and so versatile that I can pair it with anything. But I always think for an autumn outfit paring it with skinny jeans or skirts works.

Though my idea of an autumn outfit is nothing special, it is definitely my go to outfit idea. It’s funny how a simple outfit idea when correctly executed can change one’s perspective. I have a strong belief in that when you feel good inside you look good outside too.

What has been your go to autumn outfit so far in the season? Is it your nice pair of skinny jeans, knee-high boots or leather jacket? Share in the comments below.