{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Tea and Coffee Lovers 

Christmas 2017 gift ideas is a Christmas series on A July Dreamer helping you and sharing our best gift ideas. We aim to help you choose the very best and thoughtful gifts for both tea and coffee lovers. I am a huge tea lover and often choose teas over coffees sometimes even over hot chocolate. Over the years I have tried many types of teas and I know which ones I am reaching out for. When it comes to coffee half the time I have no clue what I am meant to be choosing. Often my choice is guided by is it sweet or is it bitter? If it’s bitter equals never again and if sweet then it becomes my go to drink when I need coffee.

For Tea and Coffee Lovers

{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Tea and Coffee Lovers 

Thinking about what tea and coffee lovers would like for Christmas I am biased and thought what would I like. I have also looked to my friends and family who drink coffee and get some recommendations. It’s important to recommend items I myself have sampled before hence why some brands I have written about before.

Coffee lovers 

I am not much of a coffee lover and my knowledge is super limited. For me coffee is coffee though Italian lattes are a different kind of coffee. Recently I tried Tassimo who has several types of coffees {and teas} which I love. Thinking of what to offer coffer lovers as gifts, I was thinking like getting a coffee machine. Coffee Machines are what I think of as perfect presents for coffee lovers as well as Coffee Machine accessories.

Tassimo’s chai latte and vanilla latte macchiato are my definite favourite. But coffee lovers know there poison, Dunkin donuts or Starbucks? Or better yet this Christmas morning coffee gift set might give you some ideas.

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Tea lovers 

I am a tea lover and I have tried many brands in my 30 years. Some had left an impact on me, became my go to or a never again but those are few. There also items that I use that would make a perfect present for my fellow tea lovers. But I feel the ultimate present for a tea lover would be *afternoon tea, I love a good afternoon tea menu. And if you just celebrated Thanksgiving and looking to *teatox this is the perfect time.

Whittard apple toffee and Dragonfly tea

On a recent date with my friend we went to Whittard in Oxford who sell a variety of teas and coffees. I was keen to try their teas, we choose apple toffee tea and just loved it big time. The tea is loose leaves that’s why the next item would be perfect if you bought this for someone. A few years ago I tried Dragonfly tea and absolutely loved it and can not recommend it enough. Golden Himalaya Darjeeling  is my favourite kind of tea filled with fruit and honey for extra yumminess.

Tea strainer and Tea mug

Back in Zambia we used tea strainers like toilet roll because 90% of our tea was loose tea leaves. Over the years I have come to appreciate which tea strainers to use and which last. You can never go wrong with buying a tea mug for a tea lover I know I love all mine. I have quite a collection of tea mugs and they are just the best especially when I need a larger than usual size for those colder nights.

Are you a tea lover or coffee lover? What is on your Christmas wishlist?

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