{Monthly Series} December 2017 Goals

December 2017 goals marks the 12th installment of the monthly goal series I started back in 2013. All the goals that I share are those I wish to complete in the new month. For me personally I find it much easier setting goals at the beginning of the month as a guide. Whether I get to complete those goals before the month end of not is another matter. The idea is to have something to strive for each month otherwise I get overwhelmed with everything going on around me. I am a to-do list orientated type of person and function best when I have a daily or monthly to-do list. Setting goals is a great way to plan out your life and its gives some sort of direction. I also have a strong belief that if I don’t succeed its ok to move it forward until I do.

November 2017 Goals

At the beginning of every month I try to have a clear picture of what I am expecting to happen in the new month. November though I knew what would be happening, it totally flew me with all the happenings. There were so many things that happened that thought anticipated found quite challenging. But I had some cooling down time and went off to Rome, it was a trip of a lifestyle for me. I am definitely going back but with someone this time than all by myself.

When I reviewed my October 2017 goals, I was happy to have successfully completed it one. It doesn’t happen often and when it does it feels amazing. But I am also a strong believer in re-working the goals until I accomplish them often using different strategies. With that in mind, here is a review of last month’s goals and how I got on.

  • Submit postgraduate {pre} assignment – DONE
  • Attend nephew’s 5th birthday party – DONE
  • Plan for upcoming getaway to Rome – DONE – went last weekend
  • Plan content weekly – DONE
  • Purchase Christmas presents for the family – DONE, but still getting more
  • Socializing – DONE, spent a bit of time with my best friend and another close friend.

It is truly fulfilling to look over the to-do list and find you’ve ticked off all the items. This is two months in a row and can not wait to put the same effort into my December 2017 Goals. But I am also being optimist since December is busier than most months but still hopeful.

festive season

December 2017 Goals

Whenever I am setting monthly goals, I look at what I want to achieve short-term and long-term. Because no one can predict the future I like to pay close attention to short-term goals. I am not entirely ignoring the long-term goals but they are not the main focus. And in other ways, the short-term goals are to ensure I am able to achieve my long-term goal in the long run. Here are the December 2017 goals {short-term} that  I am hoping to accomplish.

Christmas Goals

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, December 1st is the official start of the festive celebrations. This year I have even gotten myself a Lindt Advent calendar and had my first chocolate piece. As a to-do list orientated person, I put together Christmas goals I want to accomplish;

  • Christmas Presents for the family – if you read my Ultimate Family Guide you will know what I got my family. Though I have these presents already, unfortunately I am still needing a few more especially for my nephew.
  • Plan day to spend with parents – often on Christmas Day I spend either the morning and lunch with them or dinner. This year I have not yet decided exactly what day I want to spend time with my parents.
  • Complete all travels before Christmas – I know it’s crazy but I have a couple more travels to do. I am hoping I won’t need to travel around Christmas time.

Postgraduate Goals

As you might know I am currently in the 2nd year of my Masters in Pharmacovigilance course. It has been really stressful for the last couple of months and I thought I put together some goals for myself.

  • Complete 2 assignments from previous course due December 12th.
  • Start of the new assignment due in January 2018

Blog Commitment Goals

I am sure every blogger has a set of blogging commitments that they wish to accomplish before Christmas. I am a little more than I planned and now planning on scheduling them all in ample time.

  • Schedule posts for the Christmas week
  • Comply with all collaboration deadlines, complete earlier if possible
  • Prepare income report for 2017
  • Take a break from blogging during the festivities!!

As I mentioned, I am a to-do list orientated person and though overwhelming I am glad to have my list written down. This way I hold myself accountable plus I can see what I need to be ticking off. I am definitely planning to take some time off for a few days to relax and rejuvenate.

Happy December 2017 everyone, wishing you only the best!!