{Monthly Series} October 2017 Goals

October 2017 goals marks the 10th installment of the monthly goal series I started end of 2013. Every month I share goals I wish to accomplish in the new month and work towards completing them. Setting goals is a great way to plan out your life and give yourself some sort of direction. For me it’s about trying and if I don’t succeed I move it to the next month until I do. Let’s review last month’s goals and how I got on…

monthly goals

September 2017 Goals

September was such a busy and painful month for me but I am glad to see what October has in store. I am especially happy that today is my Father’s birthday and he turns a ripe age of 53. Let’s have a look back at my goals for September before I share the October 2017 goals.

  • Planning and Preparing – SUCCESSFUL: I managed to read the 4 scientific articles before the course.
  • Spend more time with FamilySUCCESSFUL: Due to the sad events I have spent a lot of time with my family. And also managed to spend quite a bit of time with my sister.
  • Blog header designSUCCESSFUL: I am glad to have found a lovely graphic designer who has made my new header and signature.
  • Social media detox – SUCCESSFUL: As a self-confessed Social Media Addict I am happy to have managed to do some social media detox.
  • Relax and enjoy me – SUCCESSFUL: I have been enjoying my guilty pleasures.

October 2017 Goals

October looks to be a very promising month with enough relaxation and also travel times included. But with it comes time constraints and the need to allocate time to important tasks accordingly. Here are some of the October 2017 goals I am hoping to accomplish.

  • Submit postgraduate assignment – I attend the class last month and the assignment is due November. But I am not one for last-minute work so I want to submit this early.
  • Monitor my spending – with the new promotion came a pay rise. This month will be the first with the new salary so I need to monitor my spending so I can budget accordingly moving forward.
  • Budget for travels – y’all know I love to travel but money don’t grow on trees. As mentioned above I will be monitoring my spending and budgeting for my travels.
  • Enjoy my mini getaway – speaking on travels I am off to Barcelona next week and excited to spend time in Costa Dorada.
  • Spend time with family – today is daddy’s birthday so I am excited to be spending time with my parents. I spend enough time with my sister but not seen my brother, nephew and SIL in forever.

I have many other goals both work and blog related that I wish to accomplish. But I believe in not over committing oneself to things they can’t possible accomplish in a set period of time.

Do you have a Goals for October or Things you want to do before the year ends?