{Monthly Roundup} December 2017 Fashion Favourites

December 2017 Fashion Favourites, a monthly roundup of all the outfit ideas I have shared in the month of November. This roundup is the twelfth installment for 2017 but the 26th installment since the series started, December 2015. The Fashion Favourites series is the longest running series on A July Dreamer, it’s been running for over two years. Regular readers know I rarely stick to a series, I start with so much zeal but then lose steam as I go. This is the one series I have stuck with, mostly because it’s the most loved apart from the travels I share monthly.

What I love about sharing Fashion ideas on the blog is just how relatable it is for many people. And the fact that it is often recycled through generations which is just wonderful. I remember seeing some pictures of my mother as a young woman and what she used to wear. One of her favourites was the gladiator sandals which came back with a bang a couple of years go. Mini skirts where other items she loved and I know I love them too.

Fashion Favourites

December 2017 Fashion Favourites

Throughout the month of December 2017, I have shared some different outfit ideas which have been well received. Because I am totally biased I can not choose A favourite outfit so I include all of them. Whenever I put these outfits together It is mostly from experience or what I want to try.

Let’s have a look at the items I put together;

Staying warm with The Sweater Shop was one of the first items I shared with my fashion lovers. I was fortunate to collaborate with this Irish brand who sent me an amazing cardigan. It has become my go to cardigan and I am yet to leave it alone.

Winter has started and it is super cold and making me think of the warm summer weather others are getting. With that thought I put together this collaborative wishlist thanks to Simply Beach. I always think winter is the best time to shop for swimwear it is often cheaper.

simply beach


Last week we all celebrated Christmas so I had decided to put together a Christmas Day outfit idea. Our family tradition involves dressing up in the morning and going to church as a family. I shared the colours I was playing with for the festive season.

Speaking of festive seasons, we concluded it yesterday and I put together an New Year’s Eve outfit idea. I know most people don’t dress up and often stay at home but others do and it’s fun. Dressing up for New Year’s Eve used to be a ritual with my Ex. but now my pajamas are my friends.

New Year's Eve outfit idea

And that my dears is it for December 2017 Fashion Favourites, I hope these outfit ideas gave you an idea for whatever occasion. I am excited to see what I can put together for the January 2018 Fashion Favourites.!!!