{Fashion Monday} Christmas Day outfit Ideas

Christmas Day is exactly 7 days away, which is exactly next week Monday. I don’t know about your family but ours celebrate this day by going to church in the morning and gather with friends. We’ve been doing this since I was born and it is a tradition I hope to carry into my own home one day. I know other people do the same thing as our family and like to dress up for this special occasion. How you do it is up to you but today I am sharing some ideas you might want to consider especially if you need inspiration.

In December 2015 I put together some really impressive Christmas Outfit Ideas and last year I kept it simple. I figured for those who don’t wish to get dressed up and just want to Stay warm and Stylish. But regardless of what you plan on doing this Christmas, make sure it’s something you will love and enjoy. After all Christmas is all about bringing families and friends together to celebrate the joy of the festive season.

Christmas Day outfit

Christmas Day Outfit Idea

When thinking of what to wear for Christmas Day itself it can be a daunting task trying to look put together. I know most times I struggle because the items I usually have are not ‘Church appropriate’. But that doesn’t stop me from trying different outfits until I have something that I really like.

The majority of Christmas outfits are either sparkles or Red, which I both love and enjoying wearing. Except this year I am toying with a couple of ideas; maybe donning a teal coloured dress. I think pairing it with black and red heels which are such a statement on their own. Another idea which I love for whole year round is a satin cocktail dress which is both unparalleled and sophisticated. Pairing this dress off with a nice pair of black heels screams party ready without even trying.

When it comes to accessorising my outfits I absolutely love to keep it as simple as in possibly can. I love simple clutch hand bags with minimal detail on them but helps to complete an outfit. Even for jewellery I keep it even more simple but playful like these double triangle earrings with fringes.

As I mentioned, in my family we dress up for Christmas Day and go to church then either have dinner with friends or at home. If you don’t dress up, you can keep warm and snuggly which is my favourite thing to do afterwards.

  • Debra Schroeder

    These are adorable outfits. I love both dresses because they can be worn outside of Christmas.

  • Jacqui Odell

    I love the red dress! It’s just beautiful and looks like it would be great for more than Christmas day.

  • chubskulit

    Those dresses and shoes are so elegant, fitting for the special occasion. I would to wear any of those.

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra VA

    I love that teal dress. The unique skirt is definitely an eye-catcher. However, me and my family attend our annual family get together and we dress as comfortably as we can because there will be lots of parlor games, eating, and videoke singing. If I got that dress, I’d wear it for a wedding or a baptism ceremony.

  • That light blue dress is so pretty! I like that it is not the typical holiday colors but still feels festive. This would be a great outfit for the holidays!

  • I love that tradition to dress up and go to church. I really like the mint green dress with the floral heels. Its a little different.

  • The teal dress is a really nice idea! I like the heels to go along with it. The red dress is super cute too!

  • Claudia Krusch

    These dresses are fantastic for the holiday season. The burgundy one would be perfect for my Christmas party this weekend.

  • Pam W

    I really like that red dress. Wearing red around Christmas just seems so classy and festive to me.

  • I love this fashion Monday with Christmas outfit ideas. Very festive and simple. I will have to give your ideas a try!

  • I like your fashion picks, especially the red dress! It gets pretty cold where I live, so I always make sure to bundle up in layers when going to church on Christmas Eve/Day.

    • I always bundle up for sure on top on these dresses!

  • Jeanette

    I love Fashion at Christmas! One of my favorite colors is that real deep Crimson red that Christmas has. The dress you had mentioned up there I would love.

    • I am so there with you on the Crimson red, its a must have kind of colour

  • These are really lovely dresses. We are home in the morning, and in the afternoon go over to my n laws, but we usually do pj’s for dinner!

    • Pajamas from afternoon through to the evening is my perfect Christmas afternoon and evening after dressing up all morning

  • valmg

    We are home in the morning. Then in the afternoon we go to my parents. I dress comfy myself but it appears either of those dresses should be “appropriate”.

    • I am all about dressing comfortably but over Christmas over, this is comfort for me

  • I really like that blue dress in your pic – it’s very Jackie Kennedy, and I think ’60s fashions are coming back or will come back at some point. I also love red dresses.

    • Thanks Elizabeth, I fell in love the minute I saw for sure

  • These are such lovely dresses. I wore a red one to my husband’s. But with flats. I don’t do heels. No comfortable, and I’m all about comfort.

    • Yeah heels can be a pain, but I embrace them for special occasions though I don’t wear them through out

  • Candy Kage

    We don’t have any fancy Christmas parties to attend anymore. You have shown some beautiful dresses. Red is my favorite.

  • Robin Rue

    I am cooking, so I will probably be in yoga pants all day LOL. I like to be comfy when I cook and since I am not leaving the house no need to get dressed up for myself 😉

    • LOL, you will definitely be comfy in them. I am having mine on throughout this week

  • Alli Smith

    We have church on Christmas Eve and I dress up. On Christmas Day we’re more casual and I host the family for lunch. I’m loving the dresses and the clutch bags – so pretty!

    • Aww that’s lovely, I love dressing up on Christmas day but later returning home for my pajamas