{Fashion Monday} Knee High Boots – Winter Essentials

What are some of you Winter Essentials? Does your list include knee-high boots like my list? Though I love ankle boots big time, this year the winter has been a bit colder than usual and I need extra pampering.

Winter Fashion - Knee High Boots

When winter arrives most of us pull out our winter woolies and hibernate for months. Most of the time, being fashionable in the cold if not the first thought that comes to mind. And rightfully so, we all want to stay warm and comfy and there is nothing wrong with that. Over the last couple of years I made it a point to put some effort into my outfits. The effort came int two folds; adding colour and being stylish and intention with my looks.

For me winter often screams darker colours like black and bald colours like grey and green. It is easier to dress to match the mood of the weather but I decided to add colour. This was all in hopes of changing the mood within me and around me. At the bank the other day, a woman stopped me because of my brightly coloured outfit. She said, “I am happy to see someone being colourful and cheerful, makes me happy“. This definitely made my day and confirmed my resolve to add colour to my life.

When it comes to being stylish, I had to practice intention through and through. I rarely plan outfits of what I wish to wear the day before, often I chose in the morning. But even then, I became more intentional in my choices of outfits I chose. Be it for work or for our weekly girls night out dinners, this has definitely being a huge thing for me.

Knee high boots

Knee High Boots – Winter Essentials

Part of being stylish and practicing intention is by working with the weather. I am a summer baby and would rather it was summer always, maybe autumn too. For me I like wearing light and loose clothes, sometimes this works against my structure. I think wearing loose clothing mostly stems from having a padded mid-section I call the beer belly. So far no exercise has been able to get rid of it so now I work with it.

Speaking of working with it, part of my winter essentials of knee-high boots which I have 4 now. Those who know me know I love my ankle boots more than knee-high boots. But of late I have found a way to style them, which has given me more confidence. I have been trying making different looks this winter testing out my knee-high boots. Just last week I wore skirts and cropped trousers to work, this never happens. Never in winter at least but now I am working it big time.

What is your preference when it comes to boots; knee-high or ankle boots? How do you style your both knee-high boots and ankle boots. I often pair each with skinny jeans, chunky jumper or hoodie and winter coat.