How has Life Changed in the past 100 Years!

How has life changed in the past ­čĺ» years? I can’t speak to the entire 100 years as I have only been around for the last 30 years. Even with that I can attest to some of the changes depicted by this SunLife Tool. SunLife are a one-stop shop for all sorts of insurance policies, UK residents would have seen TV ads with Parky.┬áThis tool looks at the following sections: Communication, Dating, Photography and Entertainment. The aim of this tool is to showcase all the life changes that have happened in the past 100 years.

how has life changed in past 100 years

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post between SunLife and A July Dreamer. All opinions shared about the tool are that of A July Dreamer.

How has Life Changed in the past ­čĺ» years?

You don’t have to look further than your own home to notice how life has changed in your life time. Do you remember how you had to choose between having internet or your landline? Do you remember the annoying dial-tone you got just to connect to the internet? Or how about once upon a time, your mobile was only for calling and not the multi-functional device it is today. So many things have changed in all our lives but for the purpose of his article we will focus on the aforementioned areas.



I remember when sending letters was the ‘in thing’ to do as a teenager, we all loved writing to someone. I remember growing up in Zambia and having a pen-pal and waiting weeks for a reply to my letter. These days it’s all WhatsApp or text and done, no more waiting weeks for a response. Whilst I still use fax at work, I have never had to use a telegram how very vintage. Do you remember your first text message, your first email or your first mobile? We have definitely come a long way.

how has life changed in past 100 years


I feel like I could write a book on this because to be honest I miss the good old days. When I say the good old days I mean like in from 1930 all the way through to early 2000s. It would be nice to find a dude that wants to court you first than the current situations. Dating today is all about swiping left or right and hoping for the best whilst trying to filter out the weirdos. Honestly if I get one more D-pic I am going to become a nun as that’s where I am at. What happened to trying to get to know each other first?

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how has life changed in past 100 years


I can’t remember the last time I used a wind-up camera or even went to go develop a picture in-store. Photography has come such a long way from developing films to smart phones. I still remember my first Fuji camera and the other ones after that. The best part was going into Tesco every Sunday to develop the films and seeing how you did. I remember half of the time my pictures were off colour or out of focus. Today it’s a whole new world, its snap, view, edit, and post or just snap and post.

how has life changed in past 100 years


Do you remember renting VCRs and DVDs at the movie store, does anyone do that anymore? How about a walk man, anyone remember walking around with one of those. Or having a cassette player and needing to turn the cassette to listen to the rest of the music. One thing I do remember growing up was always watching black and white TV and then moving to colour. These days we can not imagine not watching TV in colour, not playing music at will. Streaming is the new thing everyone seems to be doing of late, before it was about downloading files.

how has life changed in past 100 years

I definitely had some nostalgia moments whilst writing this post, I miss writing letters to my friends. Definitely miss the ‘old fashioned’ way of meeting someone to date and not just swiping right/left hoping for the best. I do not however miss waiting to develop my pictures nor having to turn the tape to listen to music. In the last 100 years Life Changed more than anyone could have predicted. I would love to think it has changed for the better, what do you think? Have a snoop though the SunLife tool and let us know what you think.