{Monthly Series} February 2018 Goals

As a to-do list orientated person on the first day of the month, I set myself goals to accomplish. Setting goals gives me structure and direction to follow throughout the month hence February 2018 Goals. I am someone who likes to know what’s going on, someone who loves to control what I can. Someone who knows when to yield and when to fight for something I believe in.

I have been setting myself goals all my life, even when I was young and at school I loved setting goals. For me it has been part and parcel of my life that I take pleasure in controlling. Now, does that mean everything goes as I planned or wished? No, not even in the slightest, there are times when life decides it will take the lead. And in those times I learn whether to fight or to submit and let life pass so I can lead mine.

February 2018 Goals

Recap of January 2018 Goals

Regular readers know the delio on A July Dreamer, I like looking to the past only to learn from it. As I mentioned, just because I set goals doesn’t mean I accomplish them all in that time frame.  I look back to the past to learn where I went wrong and to plan for the future better. And how do I do that, I take all unaccomplished goals and move them to the next month. I am a strong believer in ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again‘, for me I move it forward.

Every last day or new day of the month, we have an opportunity to review the past and plan for the future. On A July Dreamer, we do that by recapping on the previous month and setting new goals. With that being said, here is how January went;

Travel Goals

Travel is a huge part of my life and I am re-starting the #Take12Trips. All the trips below have been planned, paid and booked.

  • Prague, Czech Republic – Achieved.
  • Toulouse, France – Achieved
  • Tuscany, Italy – we are fortunate to be reviewing a country house in Pisa. Planned
  • Luxembourg city – Luxembourg – Planned
  • Athens, Greece – Planned

Postgraduate Goals

I had two goals I wish to accomplish;

  • Submit the assignment due this month – Achieved
  • Save up money for the module next month – heaven smiled upon me and my work will pay for it all.

Blog commitment goals 

This month I had two trips abroad and one locally, I only had one weekend to blog plus I work 9-5. I had a few goals to work on;

  • Write up the posts on Prague trip and accommodation plus social shares – Achieved
  • Review all the products pending from December 2017 – pending
  • Work on my pinterest accounts to draw traffic to the blog – Achieved

February 2018 Goals

Looking back on the January goals, I am proud of how much I was able to achieve even with the chaos. The month was not only chaotic because of the traveling but the job promotion too and personal staff. I am glad it is over but February also promises to be super busy too.

With that being said, here are my ever so simple goals for the month;

  • Submit the assignment due this month
  • Write up the posts on Toulouse trip
  • Reach out to more tourism boards to collaborate with
  • Plan the trip Tuscany, Italy
  • Luxembourg city – Luxembourg
  • Athens, Greece
  • Star saving money for emergency fund
  • Review all the products pending from December 2017 plus January 2018

As I have mentioned, February will also be a chaotic month so I am hoping to take some time out. I have loads to sort through and plan for but self-care is important so adding that in off-screen.

And those are my February 2018 Goals, have you set any goals this month?