{Fashion Monday} Stylish Cold Shoulder Jumper

Whenever winter comes round, I am always on a hunt for Jumpers that will keep me warm. Rarely do I shop for cute jumpers especially a cold shoulder jumper as I am after warmth not the breeze. It wasn’t until I had an opportunity to do some winter shopping with LOTD that I stumbled upon this one. Since then I have received countless compliments from people including my mother who made me buy her one too. Stylish cold shoulder jumpers are now the thing and lotd.com is packing a whole bunch of them which are very cute, colourful and affordable.

cold shoulder jumper

When I was thinking about how I would style the cold shoulder jumper, I kept thinking; keep it simple. I have always been a big believer in simplicity is the best way forward even in Fashion. During my recent trip to Toulouse, I played around with the stylish cold shoulder jumper. I paired it with skinny ripped jeans and knee-high boots – that definitely worked its magic. Then I tried pairing with shorts and definitely feel it will be a must during spring as the weather starts to warm up.

Outfit Details

  • Watch – Jord {enter HERE to win your own}
  • Jumper – Lotd.com
  • Trouser – Lotd.com
  • Shoes – Justfab.co.uk
  • Bag – Justfab.co.uk

How-to style a cold shoulder jumper

The majority of the outfit ideas I put together I don’t really prepare in advance I just throw them together. Some of the work and others definitely don’t but it’s all down to practice and more practice. Only you know your body and know what clothes you’re most comfortable in. But I think sometimes just because you’re comfortable in something does not mean it looks good on you.

As I said earlier, I tried playing around with items that would go well with the cold shoulder jumper. One of them being with skinny jeans and knee-high boots, this definitely worked as I added an over coat. But coming back from holiday and still wanting to wear this jumper, I decided to keep it simple.

Normally during winter, most of us gravitate towards darker colours but for me I wanted to be bright. This pink colder should jumper definitely stands out in the crowd, it is so simple yet so pretty. Here is how I recommend to style this cold should jumper.

  • For winter – keep it simple! Pair the jumper with plain trouser as you want the focus on the jumper and it’s detail. Knee high boots work but do does ankle boots over skinny jeans.
  • For spring – pair with a cute floral skirt or shorts, whilst the top will be dominant the floral pattern will bounce off it.
  • And for Autumn – I would pair this with shorts and knee-high boots then add a mac jacket for warmth.

As I have said, you can style this however way you like and it would look gorgeous. Definitely wear a strapless bra but if you have none, then wear a black bra instead.

What are your thoughts on how I style this cold shoulder jumper?