{Fashion Monday} Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials

It was only a few weeks ago when we had the #BeastfromtheEast grace the British shores and now its back. Is it any wonder that many of us are now thinking of escaping to warmer climates? Personally I decided it was best I start putting together my beach holiday fashion essentials? I, like most people are tired of this weather and are ready to embrace Springtime not the #BeastfromtheEast2. It’s been really tough thinking of this season as Spring when all we seeing is winter temperatures. Don’t let the weather spoil the fun plan a trip somewhere warm and start counting down. We have a lovely trip to Marseille coming up and I thought I share my Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials.

Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials

Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials

Whenever I am planning a beach vacation, I always think  about items I want to take with me to make the trip enjoyable. Though I am not one to always be lying on the sun-lounger all day and soaking in some vitamin D, its nice to have the option. There are a lot of items people include in their Beach Day Fashion Must Haves and I am no exception. Whilst I don’t follow the protocol, I do know that if you’re attending a beach party then a dress code is advised. For our upcoming vacation, I am planning on including these Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials;

Beach bag and towel – I was always that person that always forgot the towel and needed to buy one. As many people know buying at the beach is a bad idea as they are not cost-effective. These days I invest in a good beach bag and always ensure the beach towel is laid at the bottom. Beach bag and towels are definitely beach essentials that I always carry with me.

Sunscreen – one major thing to always ensure you have is not only sunscreen but using the right sunscreen. Often people just pick whatever they can get their hands on but its important to ensure the one you picked works. What I mean by that is, for your skin type is it the most suitable sunscreen or not, check with a pharmacist.

Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials – Clothing

Shorts – I am someone who grew up living in shorts until we moved to the UK and it because coats daily. I love wearing shorts and at the beach they are most convenient because they are both easy to put on and take off. Plus I always love wearing my swim suit underneath them so I don’t have to run to the changing rooms.

Bikini – Now this one is not for everyone, I often choose a one piece because I am most comfortable in that. When I choose a two piece then I have a tank top which covers some my belly fat padding.

White T-shirt – for someone reason I have always ensured I had a white t-shirt with me at the beach. For me its an essential item to have but you don’t have to include that. Carry items that you’re comfortable with and can be styled up or down. White T-shirts if kept clean can be nicely styled with shorts and sandals, from beach to running errands.

Maxi dress – In place of a white t-shirt you can carry a maxi dress instead as its something you can style up or down. It’s an item that can be easily switched from day outfit to a night outfit with a few accessories.

Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials – Accessories

Flip flops – Have ever tried to walk on the sand with other types of shoes? Do you remember the feeling of the sand in your shoes and how annoying that can be? I remember once going with trainers and I couldn’t get the sand out for months, pack those flip-flops.

Sunglasses – we don’t get enough sun in the UK but we are a nation who are obsessed with sunnies. I have about 5 pairs littered all over the place, two in the car and three around the house. Having sunglasses not only protects your eyes but you look good enjoying the sun in them.

As you can see, my Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials is all ready to go, I just need the weather. I try not to take too much with me on a beach holiday apart from the basics. What are some of your Beach Holiday Fashion Essentials?


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  1. kim@hungryhealthygirl
    March 24, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    So ready for summer and the beach! Love your ideas!

  2. March 24, 2018 / 11:13 am

    I am going on holiday very soon so these are great suggestions coming in with the perfect timing! I always forget about sunglasses!

  3. Lavanda Michelle
    March 23, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Your outfits suggestions ALWAYS look so nice! I love these, I can not wait to take a trip to the beach, I feel like the winter weather has been here WAY too long! Thanks for sharing.

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