Beach Day Fashion Must Haves

So last weekend when I shouted on top of my lungs that summer was finally here in the UK I may or may not have jinxed it. Even though many places in Europe are experiencing what can only be described as long overdue summer, the UK seems to be playing buggers just like our politics of late (did anyone anticipate Boris Johnson being foreign minister???)

Even though I am a Brit who loves complaining about the awful weather, I am also a Zambian who is always optimistic to a fault and figured its blazing hot in Zambia and if we had a beach this is what I think a beach day fashion must have would include.

Looking back on my blog, I have shared anything from Beach Essentials (what I carry), Beach Bag Essentials to a guest post on beach party dress code but never have I shared my beach day fashion must haves. Today I am changing that and sharing my idea of beach day fashion.

Beach Day Fashion Must Haves

Swim suit

Are you a bikini or one piece lover? For men it’s easy either your boxers or swimming shorts, for women ww3 begins at trying to choose what swimwear  to choose especially for those who have body issues or just don’t like feeling exposed. I for one I am a one piece kind of girl and will have a long T-shirt to cover me if I don’t totally feel like showing off my body. FYI – my summer body is 7 months away in the making 🙈😩😩

Beach towel

When I was in Paris, I managed to grab me a Mickey Mouse beach towel which I absolutely adore. My brother and his wife were mistaken when they thought I got the Mickey Mouse towel for my nephew when in fact I got it for me. {sorry}


Weather light-skinned or dark-skinned you still need to make sure your protect your skin from the harmful Sun rays. I always travel with my sp50 sunscreen spray to ensure my skin is properly covered so I can enjoy the sun worry free.


I love me a good pair of sunglasses and I am currently on the collection path. I have two at the moment that are my absolutely favourite and the third one is hidden for good measure. I am hoping to pick up a couple soon to add to my collection.

Flip flops

Sandy beaches are nice to walk on and let your feet feel the texture and mixture of water and sand but if your nearest beach is like Brighton then you know flip-flops are not just for hygiene purposes. The stones on the beach can do a number on your feet when trying to walk them, I learnt the hard way.

Beach bag

I hate tagging about a lot of things when I am at the beach so I always look for a large enough bag that can carry all our gadgets, towels and food.

Other than good weather, I don’t really ask for much for a visit to the beach nor of my beach day fashion must haves. How is the weather your side? Been to the beach yet this year?