{Men’s Fashion} Spring Fashion Wishlist

Spring is a time to re-start, rejuvenate and rebirth filled with flowers that signal the change in season. The Spring Fashion Wishlist contains items that the men in my life are currently loving. We are all excited for the season to actually begin and they can rock out these items.

Spring Fashion Wishlist

It is meant to be Spring right now! Unfortunately Spring has been quite evasive that putting together a Spring Fashion Wishlist seems silly. But I am not someone who lets things I can’t control dampen my mood, especially where Fashion is concerned. As a summer baby I often gravitate towards clothing that is suitable for that season. The men in my life are similar in that, they too have more summer clothing than any other season. As we prepare for Spring, here are some of the items the men are loving.

Spring Fashion Wishlist

Let’s pretend for a moment that Spring is here and you’ve looked through your closet and deciding what’s needed. The majority of the time we don’t need an entirely new wardrobe for every season change, maybe a few pieces. Many a time in my family we’ve gone through the wardrobes to sort out clothing; keep, donate, throw. Items what we choose to throwaway we often keep note of them especially if they need to be replaced. Even the items that we donate leaves a gap in the closet and ‘might’ need to be replaced. Here are some of the items that men should have handy for Spring.

Spring Fashion Wishlist


The men in my life, like most men love their t-shirts and have quite a collection of them. Most of the time they buy t-shirts for each season, but this is not cost-effective at all. Since being introduced to BoohooMan last year, it has become dad’s favourite t-shirt place and his loving his shirts till now. T-shirts are simple to wear, easy to style and keeps you warm enough especially under a long sleeved top.


Whilst I can not speak for dad, OH and my brother love their fitted jeans a lot and look good in them. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans that fits like a glove on a man. Some like skinny jeans others not so much but the point is, jeans like t-shirts are easy. During Spring when it is just warm enough, jeans keep you warm but not sweaty.


Depending on a man, some love nothing more than a cool day and just wear a t-shirt or layered top. This is often how dad styles his look during Spring and Autumn – layered, t-shirt with long sleeved on top. But for others like OH, a nice outerwear like *Ellesse is what he often likes to wear. It is always nice to have a lighted coat or jacket that can be worn during Spring or Autumn to keep warm.


When it comes to shoes, the men in my life love their trainers and have enough between them, its crazy. For them it is as essential as me having my boots and handbags so I can understand the compulsion. We’ve been fortunate to have collaborated with Brantano where we picked up some lovely items for the men. One of them items very much in use is the ankle boots, the weather hasn’t been friendly so these are very much-needed.


I don’t know about the men in your life, but mine love a good accessory to complete their outfits. A good and warm scarf always comes to mind, keeps that neck warm but looks good too. Gloves, its funny we still needing gloves in March, but they are an essential accessory. Others a good beanie to keep the head warm or may a simple hat to stay stylish.

Whilst the current weather looks nothing like Spring, one can always dream of better weather. Our Spring Fashion Wishlist has items that the men in my life are loving big time. Sometimes it’s even scary to ask the question, ‘what are you loving or needing this season’! Because the platitude of answers I get is enough to scary my wallet into hiding.

 What are some of the items the men in your life are loving, anything from our Spring Fashion Wishlist?


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  1. March 31, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    Oh I’m so gonna surprise my husband with some of these! He rarely gets new clothes anymore.

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