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Simple beauty Routine


Ever since I started blogging I have come across so many different products and I have been very fortunate enough to try so many. But one thing I have learnt over the last few years is be careful what you put on your face. I mentioned last week in my Flawless Foundation Routine that I before blogging I never really had much of a face routine and that is true. There was a time when though I do not suffer from acne I started using proactiv products imported from the states and they worked like a charm. Fast forward a few years later (do not know the reason) but I stopped receiving proactiv made with ‘benzene’ as active ingredient instead I was sent one with Salicylic acid as the active ingredient. A few weeks later my nose started to peel like no man’s business and the only thing that changed was the proactiv. I went back to my old bottles and compared with the new bottles and that’s when I found out the difference. You can imagine my shock, back then I did not have the wisdom to contact the company. Since then any face products that I buy which contain salicylic acid I use with extreme caution or none at all. For the rest of my face the salicylic acid is fine but for my nose area its problematic, after this discovery I stopped using proactiv and tried garnier, nivea and many others and they were good for a period. A while later I started to use Simple, then I wanted to try a new product and I came off Simple and immediately started to use it. When the said product finished went back to Simple, what I discovered was Simple was my fall back product because I could change products come back to Simple and my face won’t break out or in my case have a rash. I realised then that if I ever run out of whatever product I was using for my face routine I should (and do) have Simple as my back up, the last thing I want is to break out in a rash when I change face products and this is one of the biggest mistakes most product reviewers make – not having a fall back product. Fall back product is not enough and this works only if you care for your skin, also give your skin a chance to breath. If and when I am changing face products (which is not too often) I like to give my skin some breathing room and I achieve this by using the weekend to go without washing my face with any product just water or a Simple cleanser with the Sonic clear. It is important to have a fallback product and also important to give your skin a day or two to breath. Other important things I have found that works for me is buying products with the same active ingredient or better yet buying natural products. If you using natural products which contain ingredients that we naturally product in the body it’s even better.

What products have you found to be your fall back products? Do you change face routines and products you use?


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