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 Thank you Yorkshire Linen for making this conversation possible.
New Home

Today marks 3 weeks since I moved into my apartment and a week since I received my bed. I can not tell you how amazing it has been trying to create a home with my personal style. I will not fib and say it was easy because I know it was nothing but. Let me start from the beginning, one of my yearly goals which I had planned for August till October was to save up money to either buy or rent a property.

Many things were happening in my life when 2015 rolled in that before I knew it I had moved my goal for August-October to February and started thinking about getting my own place. It did not take me to long to find one but the whole process did take 2 months to finalise. Even after it was finalised I still had to wait a month before I could move into my new place, so I decided to go on holiday at the end of April, when I returned I had about a week and half in the old place before I moved to my apartment and immediately after that I went for sister in law’s hen party in North Wales then had to move house a few days later and before I could even sit to enjoy the new home I attended my brother’s wedding and fitted in visiting other family members.

I am sure you are all calculating with me the cost of all of this and mind you at this time I hadn’t even bought a thing for my new home and my rent was due in 3 weeks after moving into my new home. The lucky thing about it all was I had moved into my new home close to my pay day, so I did what any sensible person would do. I bought an air bed and some blankets, got some food, paid my rent and all normal bills then instead of ordering a bed I bought a TV, Land phone and blue ray. After a few days of calculating the finances I bought a bed, a sofa bed filled up my bathroom essentials, some kitchen essentials and I was happy.

I had to wait over 2 weeks to get my bed but when it did as I mentioned in my GBU week eleven post I let the delivery men assemble it for me and I slept early that day and spent 12 hours straight sleeping in my bed. It is an understatement to say I love my new digs and I am struggling to get out of my bed every morning.

I am loving how my home is slowly shaping up to be but one thing I am yet to buy are curtains. My landlord already had some cute curtains in the place so I guess it has not been my number one but now that I have my bed I slowly playing around with my home décor and I am thinking I need new curtains. Remember last time when I did my bedroom wishlist I shared with you the kind of curtains I like from curtains market. I was recently introduced to another company based here in the UK called Yorkshire Linen, they offer a wide range of products from door curtains to all your home essentials and I am actually having a look see of some items I need to purchase for my new home. The style of my apartment does not allow me to have door curtains but my parents home has a slide door in the living room which is perfect for door curtains and I have even shared the link with my mother.

Another thing I am yet to purchase is a closet (wardrobe) for my bedroom, currently my clothes are chilling either in a suitcase or my small temporary hanger closet. I have checked out a few of my favourite companies and obviously Argos and Ikea top the charts. Currently all electrical and furniture except bed and sofa bed are from Argos so now it’s Ikea time.

I have a while to go before my home is all finished but so far I am loving what I have done.

How did you start decorating your home?

What is your favourite store?

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