Affordable Christmas Decorations

 Christmas decorations are a huge part of preparing for Christmas. When I was a kid in Zambia we didn’t have Christmas tree but we always has Christmas decorations. When mum would put up the decorations it’s was an official declaration that Christmas celebrations have commenced. I have mentioned previously on the blog that for us Christmas has always been about being thankful for still having our families with us. Growing up with a country life expectancy of 35 was a scary thing so for us each year was more precious than the previous one and we marked this with putting up Christmas decorations.

Cox and Cox are a company that I recently stumbled upon, they are a homeware online company launched in 2001. I have been enchanted by how lovely, affordable and unique their Christmas decorations are. When I shared my inexpensive Christmas decorations, everyone echoed how they don’t like  spending too much money on Christmas decorations which are only usable one month of the year. I am in the same boat but with Cox and Cox, because of the exquisite, eclectic and unique types of decorations they have you can hang them up more than once a month (at least I know I would) in a year.

I have selected a three of their pieces to give you an idea of what you should can expect and how reasonably priced & affordable they are.

New Star Sweetie Dish – This is priced at £10.50 and not sure about you but I would have this as part of my living room decor all year round. I can just picture me using this for different occasions. The design is simple yet beautiful and easy to change-up.

Ok these are the cutest tags I have seen a while and I just had to include them in this post. I am one of those people who when I finally get round to buying presents for I forget to get wrapping paper and name tags. It’s a hard life being me 🙂 .

The showy mini fir wreath above is the cutest have seen ever, I have said many times on this blog once thing am not good at is DIY so for wreaths and other decorations, as much as I would love to try making them my self I very much rather by the one about which is priced at £14.50 which is really affordable.

Go and check out Cox and Cox for some amazing and affordable christmas decorations. They currently have a 20% introductory offer just enter INTRO51222.

Have you done all your christmas decorations shopping yet?


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**This is a collaborative post with Cox and Cox, all opinions are my own**