Financial Report ~ Q4 2015 

Financial Report

When I first shared a Financial report for my blog back in July 2015 (covered Q1/2) I received mixed reactions but overall was positive. Come Financial report – Q3 and it was a mixed bag of reactions again but this time I felt it was more on the reserved but leaning towards negative view of having such types of reports. I know for many blogging is not a hobby as it is for me, for many it is a business and an income generator. I can understand the need to keep it a secret and some it’s just how they are about money and nothing wrong with that. For me as is with everything on this blog is a journal which I decided to share with you all and financial reports are part of that and they help me do my taxes for the blog.

That being said, I will now share what I made in the last 3 months (October, November & December of 2015). I include both the products sent for review and paid posts. You can check my “work with me” page on the fees I charge for posts but these are subject to change and negotiations with sponsors and collaborators alike. In 2016 I am increasing the prices to cover the Tax and Paypal business account fees.



Frequent readers will know since August I have lost my blogging Mojo so I did not review any products but I did do one collaborations post and brought you the A perfect winter break. For this month I made £50 in sponsored posts and £0 in product reviews.

November 2015

christmas party tips

During this month, my blogging mojo had returned so I was able to do three collaborations and 2 product reviews. For this month I made £150 in sponsored posts and £23 in product reviews.

December 2015

Best Non-Ski Activities For Ski Holidays

This is always a busy month, not only was I busy preparing for my travels to Slovenia and Lithuania, I also had lots of collaborations to do. I was very fortunate to have made £505 in sponsored/collaborated posts and £40 in product reviews.

So for the fourth quarter of 2015 I made £705 cash in bank and £63 in products for review. I think this was another good quarter for A July Dreamer.

I am very blessed and honoured to have the chance to earn a bit of extra cash to fund the blog and my travels. I can not wait to see what the 2016 has in store for this blog.

Have you ever written a financial report for your blog or website?