Lifestyle: LED light your Christmas

 LED light your Christmas is a follow on post from Light your home and Garden light ideas. I thought since we have covered the Garden and have already talked about lighting your home why not light your Christmas? Tis Christmas next week Friday, so LED light your Christmas idea was born.

When I was a kid we did not have any Christmas trees because (1) we couldn’t afford it and (2) there no naturally growing Christmas in that part of the world. One thing we did have is Christmas lights and we used to decorate the entire living room with them. For us having these lights lite was a sign that Christmas celebrations can now commence. There are so many options out there for LED lights and the LED Hut is sharing some different types of lights to choose from which are currently half price, if you have not already bought some Christmas lights or just want to add more to your collection check the LED Hut out.


 Not everyone buys LED lights because of how expensive these can be, we know they are energy saving and definitely lasts longer but most people (me included) are put off by how expensive these lights can be. With LED Hut currently having a half price sale it is time to grab a bargain or two and keep these lights for another year. This Christmas any pennies you can save is well worth it, so instead of switching your Christmas lights off when you go to bed you can keep the LED lights on and it won’t break the bank because your electricity bill will not be a huge if you used normal lights.


 I was fortunate enough to be sent an LED lamp which I absolutely love and cherish, the lamp is so pretty and changes colours. Since I have not decorated my small desk Christmas tree with lights, I am using the colour change effects of this lamp to give an illusion that my Christmas tree has lights. When I got the lamp, the first thing I noticed was that it had the wrong plug for the UK. The company was kind enough to send me an appropriate plug for free, since then I have been using my lamp with ease but it also made me want to invest in an adapter that I can use whilst on the go. It was by coincidence that at that particular time I was sent a personalised gift which contained a universal adapter to help me on my travels, thanks 32red. One thing I loved about the universal adapter I was sent was that unlike the adapter for my LED lamp which can only be used with 3 pin plugs this universal adapter can be used with USB cords (like iPhone cable), two pin plugs and 3 pin plugs making it the best universal adapter to travel with. Unfortunately though it is amazing adapter, you can not use it in most on the wall sockets unless you have an extension.

I mention adapters, plugs and sockets because I think especially this time of year when we buying presents online from foreign countries, you must ensure the plug the product comes with can fit/suit your country plugs – for Europe, USA and some Asian countries they use 2-pin plugs whereas Europe we use 3-pin plugs.

Have you ever used LED lights to decorate your home for Christmas or any other time in the year?

What has been your experience with LED lights?


**collaborative post**