{Fashion Monday} A Blue & Green Day

 A Blue & Green Day outfit was rocked at work a few weeks ago and I am still loving it. 

I mentioned in my Boxing Day shopping and What I got for Christmas posts that MOH and I went to London for some much-needed Boxing Day sales shopping. Every year MOH gives me a present on Christmas Day and another (in form of shopping) on Boxing Day (day after Christmas) and last Christmas was no different. After our stint in Harrods we walked into Zara where I picked this blue jumper (which got thumbs up from MOH) and a few other times which I will share on the blog soon. Fast forward into January I wanted to make use of my new look gift card from work so I stopped by new look and picked up these green pants. They are loose-fitting, have four pockets in front and come with a cloth belt. An idea came to me after I had already put these on to call this outfit my Blue & Green Day!!! 🙂 (how original right 🙂 )

Again as is always the case with me, I did not think about what I was going to wear but saw two items that were appealing to me from my open closet and picked those as outfit for the day. Since I have been tuning my own horn lately, when I had finished dressing up I was very happy with the final result. This is very relaxed look, the detail on the arms of my jumper gave the look a bit of style and the pants gave the relaxed look. I did not know what to pair with this look but since it was raining I choose some of my old-time boots which I felt would complete the look.

I do love the finished look and y’all need to thank my work toilet for this mirror 😂😂 which is providing these bathroom #selfies. Though I have two full length mirrors at home I usually leave my house when it’s quite dark so I can never really take good pictures even with my light on and when I come back from work it’s already dark.

So, what do you think of my Blue & Green Day look? Is it something you would wear?

Where do you like to shop?

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