On Trend for Prom 2016

Rite-of-passage may have evolved into a trite, dismissive statement, but it’s always applicable when prom is concerned. Whether your school has a junior prom, senior prom or a junior/senior prom, you want to be a part of it. Even if you are cynical, “emo” or death metal, it’s very likely you (even secretly) long to be part of prom.

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And why shouldn’t you be? Prom may be a pinnacle of a formal dressy to be rivaled only, perhaps, by your wedding. Luckily, you have many opportunities to find the perfect dress for such special event. Your instinct may be to run to the local mall or a chain bridal shop – but none of those stores are specifically geared for young women going to prom especially when you’re looking for the perfect 2018 prom dresses. This isn’t the time (unless you want it to be) to be staid and conservative. And really, one of the least attractive (and frankly lazy) prom looks is one where you look like a bridesmaid! You’ll have plenty of time to dress to the whim of the good friend in whose wedding you’ll be an attendant.

Instead, we recommend checking out the ideally, appropriately named Prom Dress Shop. You can choose from an array of colors, styles and sizes. Because, inevitably, if you go into a store, you may find a style you like, but in the wrong color and size – and the variations that come with shops that are trying to appeal to a too wide customer base.


Bold? Try a statement dress, like a fabulous high-low prom dress. You can also find such styles at The Prom Shop. Simply stated, these are gowns which are shorter in the front, longer in the back. Designer high-low prom dresses could help make your legs look longer, show off your fancy shoes or pretty pedicure.

If you have the figure for it, you might want to consider the hottest styles for 2016 prom, which include the top three:

Just because the style is “hot” doesn’t mean the dress will flatter you. Here’s a little intel on the aforementioned popular styles:


Princess Ball Gowns

This isn’t a style rocked only by Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. Of the three, this is the most versatile as it is a great option for girls of varying sizes.  The dress features a fitted bodice and then opens into a full skirt from the waist down. So, if you’re “narrow” or built “more like a boy” then it will give you the illusion of curves. If you’re curvy, the skirt camouflages. Princess dresses are available in short, mid-calf and full-length options. The distinction between A-Line and this, the Princess, is that the latter features vertical panels from the neckline to hem.



Unlike the Princess dress, the Mermaid dress is ideal only for a certain type of girl: one confident in a figure-hugging dress, with a silhouette that leaves little to the imagination. A traditional Mermaid dress is fitted from the top of the dress (which can be strapless, sleeved or even with a mock turtle) to the knees, where the flared skirt begins.  It really most flatters a slender figure but if you flaunt curves, this will work, too.



Adorable. Many come in a mid-drift style top, and if you have a cute torso, this is how you show it off. Skirts can be any length. It’s the ideal time to start looking for a dress and getting ideas for what will best suit you!

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by Maria Sasa