April 2016 Sponsors 

When morning arrives, always remember to be thankful for the things you have, the things you don’t have and the unknown things of the future.  – Tolly (aka my mummy).

Every time I write these posts and I mean every time, I sit back and think back to the time when I started this blog. There are so many things that have happened, this blog has brought about so many opportunities that I did not even think were possible. I work hard on my blog, I spend more time on my blog than on anything (excluding my full-time job) and I know I can do better but for now I am content with what this blog has brought forth and what I have seen and learned from the blogging community and the amazing PR’s and companies I have had the pleasure to work with so far.Thank you sponsors

Dedicating this post to my sponsors on a monthly basis is not to show off how many sponsors I have worked with but it is to honestly take this one post to show my utter and heartfelt gratitude that these sponsors have chosen to work with me and my blog.

Though in April I was not as motivated to blog as I normally am, I did have the pleasure of working with these fine brands and PR’s. To show my thanks, here is the recap of the April 2016 sponsors.

April 2016 sponsors

Spring cleaning: Bathroom Edition – I was fortunate to work with House of Fraser again to bring you some of my spring cleaning tips for my bathroom. House of Fraser is a brand I have some to love more especially this year after working with them on a number of occasions and me just having a nice little haul of some of their products.

wedding dress

A friend of mine is getting married and I thought sharing Popular wedding dresses was the perfect timing. I am not sure when my turn will be to walk down the aisle but either way I know what kind of dress I would like to wear. I had always considered the traditional wedding dress and wedding veil (white) but after checking out a few websites I realise there any plenty other colours that I think would look nice for a wedding dress.

Keep your woolies – I had the privileged to work with Dunedin Cashmere a Scottish company, I think in my life time so far I have only owned maybe two cashmere times and I do love them and enjoy wearing them (feeling slightly posh here 🙂 ). It has been awfully cold most days in my part of the UK so I have still be rocking some woolies but being in Seoul with such good weather I do not want to come back :(.

partyingQuiz Clothing – When I was at university me and my friends used to be quite the party animals and then we graduated and gave into the working world and hardly had any time to go clubbing. If I am honest I just felt out of sorts when it came to clubbing in the UK but then I visited my friend in Korea and it was like the party animal in me was awake so it was awesome to be asked to put together some Partying outfits I would like to rock whilst partying.

April Must haves – I made a decision at the beginning of the year to share monthly must haves and it has been fun sharing what I am thinking or loving in that particular month and it was nice when I was asked to work with Daniel Footwear. Those who know me know my love of shoes and bags, there is no such thing as too many shoes or bags. You can have enough but not too many, I have shoes in my home, my parents home has shoes have accumulated for the last 10 years (majority in good condition) and some shoes at MOH’s house. I never get tired of checking out new shoes, buying them and if you can afford it why not.

It is always a pleasure to be contacted to work with these amazing brands and PR’s, though it is not always about getting sponsors when blogging but it does feel damn good to be approached to work with a brand.

Please take a moment to check out my sponsors and the individual posts I shared earlier in the month.