3 summer outdoor lighting ideas

Whether you’re hosting a family BBQ or you’ve arranged to hold an outdoor picnic party with friends, it’s likely you’ve got big plans for your backyard this sunny season. Thanks to the warm weather and lighter evenings, it’s the perfect time to head outside for a summer themed soiree.

However, unless your garden is sufficiently lit, you may struggle once the sun goes down. So, to ensure that you’re able to carry on enjoying yourself even as the night draws in, here are three outdoor illumination ideas you might want to consider.

  1. Wall-mounted lanterns

To keep your back garden well lit this summertime, you could install wall-mounted lanterns to the side of your property. These lighting solutions are ideal if you want to keep using a certain area into the evening. For example, if you’re entertaining friends after a BBQ, you might be keen to ensure your patio area is sufficiently illuminated so that you can continue the festivities without being left in the dark. By attaching lantern style lights to your wall, you can simply switch them on to carry on enjoying the warm, summer nights.

  1. Garden lamp posts

If you’re looking for something unusual and quirky to add into your garden setup, why not go for a lamp post style light? Traditional in design, this illumination is guaranteed to give your backyard extra personality this sunny season. During the day, you can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing elements your lamp has to offer, and once the sun goes down, you can sit out until late under its warm glow. Whether you position it on your patio or place it on your decking, a garden lamp post could make the perfect addition to your garden.

  1. Solar fairy lights

Whether you drape them along your fence or entwine them around a nearby tree, solar fairy lights are a great way to bring your garden to life this summer. Pretty, delicate and super cute, stringed fairy lights are a quick, easy way to brighten up your backyard without much effort. Since they’re solar powered, you don’t need to worry about plugging them into the mains electricity or fussing over bulk battery packs. Instead, these lights will soak up the sunshine during the day to turn the energy into light for when the evening rolls around.

By kitting out your backyard with lighting ideas like these, you’ll be able to spend some quality time in your garden this summer.