October 2016 goals

Though my October 2016 goals are practically late, it’s better late than never. We are already passed the half way point for October meaning I have less time to complete my goals. As I am a practical person, I have decided to set practical goals.

Confession time, I don’t know what happened to September and where the first half of October went. I am so busy with work right now that I don’t even have time for my university which is bad. I have two assignments due soon and I have no motivation whatsoever to complete them. Someone help me out with a motivational plan to kick my butt into gear.

As is the order of business, once I am done complaining about the ended month and the new month. It is now time to share goals from last month and see how I did. I must confess (again), I did not once look at the goals I set for September. Looking at them now, they seem more like a check list than goals.

September Goals

Majority of my goals are geared towards the Post Grad program I will be starting at the end of the month.

  • Social media detoxFAIL – though not I am not exactly blogging, I am still spending 90% of my time online.
  • Decluttering: Home and ClosetPARTIAL SUCCESS – I decluttered my closet but not sorted out the pile to throw/give.
  • Post Grad SchoolSUCCESS – for the first module, this was done now time for the post assignment and new module.
  • Accommodation: SUCCESS – I managed to find a hotel and stay there for duration of my module days.
  • Driving LessonsPARTIAL – I have managed to arrange them but not really saved up.
  • Allocate time for friendsSUCCESS – A friend came over and stayed a few days and another we had a lovely chat.
  • Relax and enjoy meSUCCESS – this is something I have somehow excelled at and not really done anything else.

It seems for September 2016 goals, I did better than anticipated. Though my goals where more of a tick box exercise, I am glad I managed to tick this many.

October 2016 Goals

We’ve already passed the half-way mark for October, meaning I have less time to create and complete my goals. Since the tick box exercise type of goals seemed to work last month, I will be carrying on this new trend.

  • Assignments: I have two assignments to submit for university and I need to submit them before due date
  • Attend Classes: First week in November I have 2 classes to attend, I hope to make these.
  • Book weekend getaway: A friend and I are thinking of heading to Rome next month, this will only happen if I do my assignments.
  • Create a schedule: I am in need of a good foolproof schedule planner to plan rest of October until December 31st 2016.
  • Schedule posts: This goes well with the above, if I create a schedule I can add in blogging time where possible.
  • Schedule TV/shows time: Again having a schedule planner will really help me with this.
  • Saving for first car: Provided I pass my scheduled driving test, I am hoping to get a small car to get me around.
  • Restart Exercising: Last proper exercise was beginning of September before my holiday. Upon my return I have been busy with university and outside work training. I am hoping the rest of October I can pull up my socks and start again.

I do not want to overwhelm myself with unachievable goals so my list ends here. Foolproof scheduler/planner I believe is the best way forward for me as I can plan my life better in that. Everything I am using so far is not working so any suggestions are highly welcome.

Did you set any goals this month or have goals for this year? Wish me good luck on my October 2016 goals!!