{November} Sunday Currently

Sunday Currently, I have not done one of these posts in a long time and figured it was long overdue. I do love doing tag posts but because I am so lazy I end up forgettting about them. First Sunday in November, I can already see how busy this month is going to be: work, blogging and university.

Writing this Sunday Currently post has honestly given me a moment to think about things in my life. There are so many things I want to do, so many I want to same and so much I want to keep. Yet life is not like that, I am embracing the lesson of living in the moment. Planning is an essential part of me and though I won’t be forgoing that, I will just embrace the present more.

With that in mind, here is my Sunday Currently post for your reading pleasure

sunday currently

Sunday Currently

  • Reading: European Union Risk Managment Plans, yes that is work related I don’t have time to read anything else.
  • Writing: This post and a few others, I am hoping to schedule my posts for atleast 2 weeks.
  • Listening: Justin Timberlake’s What goes around comes around and Mirrors, not sure why but JT is speaking to me atm.
  • Thinking: About the past, they say in your 20’s you should make all your mistakes. Because 30’s you should have your sh*t together. Looking back to my early 20’s and I was ‘too good’ for my own good and though no regrets. I wonder if in my 30’s I wil actually have it all together. In my heard more than physically, physically there are too many obstactles that we all go through.
  • Smelling: Nothing, blocked nose.
  • Wishing: I could get my act together and finish my university assignment so I can enjoy Milan this Friday.
  • Hoping: I will finish the assignment before Wednesday and Submit Wednesday so I can pack for my trip
  • Wearing: The most comfortable clothes on planet earth, my PJs. I am a happy bunny when I am in my PJs.
  • Watching: Catching up on the Blacklist, I am 2 seasons behind not sure how that happened but binging it is.

And there you have it, my Sunday Currently in a nutshell. How is your Sunday so far?