{Fashion Monday} Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and comfortable describes how I choose to dress 90% of the time. I work in an office so I must have some resemblance of stylish and comfortable worker. I am also one of those people who needs to be comfortable 💯 percent of the time. This can present a challenge at times but that is the fun of it all, playing dress up.


Recently I was in Venice for a weekend getaway and I found the perfect outfit for touring in. We had planned our getaway such that we would spend a lot of time exploring this glorious city. Though we didn’t manage to explore Milan, we explored Venice extensively and I love that I was stylish and comfortable throughout. 

Though I didn’t put much effort into this outfit, all I needed was to be warm enough, stylish and comfortable. All the pieces I used I have had for forever and it was nice to recycle them.

Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and Comfortable

Stylish and Comfortable Outfit pieces

New Look leather jacket and ripped jeans.

Addidas trainers.

H&M scarf.

Cheapass sunglasses.

Primark camisole top and cardigan.

Bag, unknown {was a present}.

Though I was unsure of how the weather would be in Venice, I decided to dress like I was home in  England. My fellow Brits know how chilly it can get here, I am glad to say it paid off as it was a bit chilly in Venice. A couples hours into our tour of Venice and the Islands it warmed up but I still didn’t have to take anything off. I do claim many of the time that I don’t always dress for the weather. Lately though I have been putting more of an effort into checking the weather forecast before I leave the house.

I also realised after walking for over 4 hours exploring Venice that choosing trainers was the best thing ever. I was stylish and comfortable in my own way without much effort. In hindsight it was also ingenious of me to pack my sunglasses as it became quite sunny. I had such a lovely time in Venice and I can not wait to share all about it in the next few days.