{November} Winter Must Haves

Winter must haves contains all the items that I own and think people should have in their closets. Winter is upon us, ok not exactly but lately it’s been so cold it’s easy to think winter is here. I have declared many times on the blog, I am a summer baby and I love warm weather. The cold weather and I do not get along period, I dislike it big time. And yes I know I live in the wrong country (England is always cold). But one must work with what one has and not just keep complaining without changing things around you.

Winter will soon be looming, I figured why not share what make up my winter must haves list. As mentioned above all these items (or similar) I actually own. As it starting to get colder, I have started making use of this items already.

Winter Must Haves

Putting together this winter must haves list was an easy thing for me, as I use these items regularly. Having an open closet its easy to look to my right and see what items I consider winter must haves. Though we might not exactly have the same items, I believe we all have these in our closets.

{November} Winter Must Haves

Gloves and Socks, as someone who really doesn’t like wearing socks I have no choice but to comply. I was that person that didn’t wear socks in their trainers nor boots but friction took care of that carelessness. A few months back, I was sent some lovely funny socks to try out and been wearing them since. I love having my gloves handy just in case the weather changes and I need to keep warm. A couple of years back, MOH bought me some iPhone workable gloves and I loved them to bits. Not sure of where they are now but I want to have gloves I can use with my iPhone.

Beanies and Scarfs, in the UK you can’t go around without a beanie (hat) or scarf. That is just being careless, the gale winds do so much damage to the hair so you have to protect it. At any give time the weather can deep to minus numbers and a scarf can protect your neck and prevent heat loss.

Ankle Boots, as mentioned in my Autumn Must Haves there are many options out there for different types of boots. I am more of a Knee High Boots type but lately I have been loving ankle boots. These ankle strap boots are gorgeous, I have them on my wishlist for when I do my winter shopping. I was fortunate earlier in the year when Butterfly Twists sent me these Wellington Boots for review. I have been wearing them every time it rains as they are so comfortable and so warm too.

Keeping warm in and outdoors

Coats and Cardigans, essential items to have in your closet. I usually walk around wearing a cardigan inside a coat because when I get to work I take off the coat. At that point I will be exposed to the ever-changing temperature conditions in the office. Also there are days when the weather is surprisingly warm, the winter sun which doesn’t require a coat but a warm jumper or cardigan. Last November I put together what I consider the must have autumn outwear of coats and I stand by that list.

Like I always mention on the blog, though some items would require buying 90% of the time you have them already. I always check the back of my closet and see what I can repurpose for the changing weather. Every 6 weeks I dismantle my closet, see what I still use and what I should give away or repurpose. This way I know exactly what I have and what I don’t.

And there you have it, my winter must have a list of essentially basic items that everyone has in their wardrobes.