Kitchenware Wishlist

Kitchenware Wishlist, items that I wouldn’t mind having in my kitchen. Renting an apartment with limited space has made me a minimalist when it comes to the kitchen. Some might say not only the kitchenware but the cooking too (lol) but regardless I am a kitchenware minimalist. Over the last few months on the blog I have shared many wish lists including Bedroom Wishlist but none where kitchen based.

In this post I am sharing some items that I would like to have and replace the current items in my home. There are definitely many items that I would like to replace but for now these are the major ones.

Kitchenware Wishlist

Kitchenware Wishlist


I am not sure about you but you can never have to many mugs. Even though I live alone, I own over 10 mugs but I am looking to replace some of them. I use half of my mugs for soups and another half for my many teas but I want to replace some of my tea mugs.

Wine glasses

I only have 4 wine glasses can you believe that? When I get visitors we end up using my many mugs or other glasses for wine, SHOCKING I know. But to add complication to this matter, I don’t even like wine unless its sweet wine.


When I moved into my apartment I bought the basic of items for my home and that included cutlery. It’s been almost 2 years now and the old cutlery has started to show its age and I need to replace it

Dinner set

I have always loved shopping for a dinner set for as long as I can remember. For my first paycheck when I started working I bought my parents a 16 plate dinner set and now I want to buy them another. Obviously with my limited space I can not afford to have the entire 16-plate dinner set to myself.


I have exactly 6 bowls in my apartment, 2 large and 4 medium-sized which I used daily for my breakfast. Now as much as I would love to portray that I always leave an empty sink before dinner I do not. There are weeks when I go with dishes piling up in my sink until I have no cutlery nor breakfast bowls to use. Yes I want to buy some more so on the 7th day when I have run out I will have a replacement. These cauldron bowls look like just the ticket, I love the design and the look of them.
And that’s all for my kitchenware wishlist, though I do have more to add I will leave it here for now.