{Fashion Monday} True Colours 

True Colours is the name of a track on The Weeknd’s latest album “Starboy“. I was listening to the song whilst putting this outfit together, I figured why not call it that I mean no on said I couldn’t. Though colourful outfits are not my strongest I enjoy creating outfits on my polyvore then try them. Today’s true colours is mustard and black, the combination is just amazing. 

True Colours


Mustard is not a colour I often gravitate towards but of late its become a staple in my closet. You will remember I opened the year rocking a mustard dress which I paired with a lovely grey coat. Since then I have been searching for ways I could incorporate more mustard into my closet without being overpowering. During winter most of us gravitate towards darker colours to reflect the mood of the weather. But darker colours can sometimes be quite depressing and I am not down like that so I introduce true colours.
New Beginnings

#FashionMonday ~ True Colours #outfit

As mentioned mustard is not my #1 colour but for this outfit and a few others I have tried it’s worked perfectly. It makes the black stand out even more than usual, it’s a fashion marriage made in mustard heaven. This outfit can be worn to work or a date or wherever you want, it’s not restrictive. I love handbags that match the outfit either completely or a smudge.
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and those celebrating you can check out my Valentine’s Day outfit inspo and Look. It would have been easier to have Red and Black as my true colours for today but where is the fun in that. Pushing the boundaries or contemporary thinking is my new forte. It’s been fun seeing all the memes about singles on Valentine’s Day since this is my first in 10 years. Amway, I want to wish those celebrating a lovely one and many more to come.