{Fashion Monday} Winter Fashion Capsule 

Winter Fashion Capsule, lists all the items I will be taking with me to Budapest and Cyprus getaways. I am normally quite good at packing items for getaway and excited to share what I am planning with me. The trip to Budapest is only two days so this should be easy to pack for than trip to Cyprus. Tomorrow on the blog I will be sharing why I only travel with carry on bags for my getaways. Because of that, I have coined what items are essential for my winter fashion capsule.

A {winter} fashion capsule is essentially items of clothing that never go out of fashion regardless of time period. Putting together a winter fashion capsule was easy because I know items that I love and always wear. The beauty about fashion capsules is that they don’t always call for buying new things. You just have to search your wardrobe for your essential items and that’s it.


Winter Fashion Capsule

Winter Fashion Capsule

A winter fashion capsule should contain essential items for winter and when traveling that can be restrictive. Especially since I love to only take carry on bags on my getaways so what should you pack? For me I think of items that I will actually use and my packing method is simple. I start with items that I will wear on my return, I know its crazy but it works. Then I pack what I will wear when leaving for my trip and pack one outfit for whilst I am there. This little method of mine has helped me for the last few years and I am absolutely loving it. Now that I have shared my little method, lets check out what I am packing.

Boots – It’s cold and snowy in some places so boots are a must this season. What I love about knee-length boots is I can use them as storage for smaller items I carry. You don’t have to waste space, you can either wear the boots or you can use them as I do.

Jeans – these are universal staple items for every man and woman. You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans in your arsenal. You can dress them both up or down, which I have shown on my blog plenty of time.

Jumpers/Sweaters – I am not a fun of the cold weather and I love extra padding. This is why I always pack some sort of cardigan/jumper/sweater with me.

Leather Jacket – I recommend having one of these in your wardrobe, it’s a must have item. I love styling my leather jacket and wear them all the time when I am traveling.

Winter Coat – This is certainly a must fo every winter fashion capsule.