{Fashion Monday} One of them Days 

One of them DaysOne of them DaysOne of them Days

Do you ever have one of them days where you’re looking fly and on point but can’t get the picture? Lately I have been having one of them days, I know I look good and feel it but my selfies just won’t show it. One time I asked my sister to take a picture of me whilst we were out cruising the Thames. The picture turned out hideous and when I mentioned to her she was like it’s not me in it is it? That little sod, ah well sisterly banter is always on with us but seriously 😒 it’s been crazy.

It’s ok to have One of them Days 

Since beginning of March I have been feeling a little overwhelmed with everything in my life. I am having moments of true happiness followed by real low blows but I can’t explain it. There days I feel like I know who I am and where I am going but then I have one of those days. Not sure if I am on the right path, not sure if I should be doing what I am doing. When you’ve been an “us” for so long, you forget how to be a “me” kind of person. It’s like trying to relearn how to walk and talk and biggest one, how to socialise.

I realized today whilst meditating in the shower (no I wasn’t asleep) I don’t have any new friends. It’s been 5 years since I finished university and since then I have made only 3 friend. Of those three only 1 I can say I tell everything and that friend really gets me. I realized apart from traveling and meeting new people abroad, I don’t actually socialise at home. I have set a crazy routine for myself, get up go to work, finish work come home and sleep and repeat.

Granted I have never been one to go down the pub and meet people. It’s sometimes sad to think if I was to die in my apartment no one would know except my parents.

One of those days as turned into one of those weeks and now months. Everyone has moments of feeling quite low with no explanation. Whilst I am never one to dwell on the lows as I like being optimistic it does get to me. There times where I think, it would be nice to have someone with me and then I think actually I do like my own company. Which is nice but I have come to a point of needing 50/50 of own company and that of others.

Maybe this is a more of insanity I do not know but one of those days is turning into one of those months.

Do you ever have such moments in your life?