Five Things Week 25 over to The Happy List

Over the last couple of weeks I have dropped the ball on Five Things weekly posting. I have no issue with the series I love it but lately I am scrambling for what to put in. You don’t wanna put in too much bad stuff because then you’re whinny. Then can’t put too much happy stuff because apparently you’re a show-off. There has been no winning in what I thought was an excellent post idea.

An idea that lists all round what’s happening, happened and future plans. I felt such a post idea gave the overall idea of not a perfect life but a normal one. But alas to some it doesn’t come across as that, it’s a struggle of being a #blogger. I don’t want to sound like the comments about the series entirely influenced my decision to change, it helped. With that being said I am now moving to The Happy List as I love positive things. That’s not to say negatives are all bad, they are a life lesson of a different kind.

The Happy List #1

The idea for this post is I want to share the small victories because small victories add up. It’s the small victories that seem inconsequential that make all the difference in the world. Without further mumbling here are such small victories to make The Happy List #1.

  • Meeting strangers on the plane, yes mother did warn me about strangers but I am glad I did. Sometimes things just happen without your knowledge and later you’re like huh! That just happened and not sure how to process it. Earlier this week flying to Berlin I sat next to two men who entertained me throughout the flight. I didn’t realise how much I needed that until the flight was over. Life is not all Sun and roses and you need people to re-inject some life into you. 
  • Spending time with my parents, made possible by my flight to Berlin. Initially I had planned on grabbing a bus directly from mine to airport but my parents are closer to the airport. It made total sense to use this opportunity to spend time with them and glad I did. As I grow older I am feeling I need my parents more and more each day. It’s funny to think as kids we stuck to our parents, as young adults we couldn’t wait to run away aka being independent. Now I realise they are no longer as young as they used to be for me to be almost 30.
  • Share your pain {or frustrations}. My flight from Berlin was severely delayed like almost 5 hours delay. Traveling along means 90% of the time you have no one to vent to apart from family or friends. It would have been 2 or 3am in the morning back home, too early or late to vent. I met another stranger who shared my frustrations at Ryanair and we kept each other company throughout the delay. Whilst I can’t tell you his name I can say his company made all the difference in the world. Not everyone has someone to talk to nor do they have the courage to reach out to others. Talking to a stranger can be the best cure one needs without realisation.
  • Being a role model. I had never once thought of myself as a role model for anyone. For me it’s been all about working hard and sticking to my convictions and trusting myself. This week my brother asked how my secret to success since I am successful? This shocked me big time because I don’t think I am successful, not even close. Here is my hard-working little brother who thinks I am and wants tips from me. It is because I live my own life and do things I always wanted to do that makes me a success in his eye? Could it be my resilience and strong belief in hard work and being trustworthy that is considered as successful? It finally clicked that being successful is subjective and perceptive. What I consider to be successful is different to what others think is being successful.

Now that I have written what I thought is The Happy List for this week I feel very grateful. The world has got enough troubles to depress anyone and I won’t be one of them. I choose to focus of what’s happy and positive in and around me. Life will always throw you lemons but don’t settle for making lemonade. Go all out and make the lemon curd or use the zest on that Cajun chicken. Here is to The Happy List {#1} and au viour to Five Things.