How-to have a productive daily routine 

Productive daily routine (s) are all the buzz these days, there so many routines out there it would make your head spin trying to emulate them. I have put together a simple and productive daily routine that anyone can follow. For me it’s all about making the most of the time you have at hand and using it wisely. Most of us complain there ain’t enough hours in a day to accomplish all goals. But in reality we do have enough time, we just don’t know how to be more productive.

Being productive is a habit one must learn and implement daily for maximum effect.


I have shared my 5 morning rituals that work for me and 10 things I do before 10am, this works for me because it’s my schedule. One thing I have noticed is we always look for simple things without first analyzing our situations. Someone’s quick and easy routine might not be so quite quick and easy for another person. Make sure before you copy (don’t) you’ve assessed your situation and think of the changes you want to make and implement.

How-to have a productive daily routine. 

Now that we are over with self assessment and awareness, let’s work to implement a productive daily routine that will have you smiling. These tips are some that you should already be implementing in your life, as simple as they might be they have great impact.

Set an alarm| wake up early| Go to bed early

Not all of us are morning persons and some of us do not wish to be but if you want to be productive set an alarm. Dependent on your work life, full-time, part-time, office, home etc., set an alarm to get up early. Having insomnia I am often awake at 5am, I won’t say I hit the road running from then, nope. I force myself to sleep some more unless I have tight deadlines and I do hit the road running.

Going to bed early might not be possible for everyone but go as early as possible for you depending on your lifestyle. I am often in bed between 10.30pm and 11pm, it’s important to have a consistent time so your body is conditioned. When I wake up at 5am I have rested enough to start my day and if I sleep any later I am cranky. I can survive on just 3 hours of sleep but I am yet productive and barely interested in things.

Make your bed| tidy your room| hang your sleep wear

First thing I do after waking up (apart from checking my phone) is make my bed and tidy my room. When I say tidy, it’s pick up anything on the floor, and put everything in its rightful place. I also feel when I take off my sleep wear it’s definitely time to wake up and start my day whether from home or the office. It’s simple things like these that get my gears working towards having a productive daily routine and thereby a productive day.

Shower| oral hygiene| skincare

I am one of those people who if I don’t shower in the morning I will struggle to do it later because my schedule is all messed up. After I tidy my room I get into my shower for a good 10-15 minutes cleansing my body. After showering I move to brush my teeth, due to bad choices as a kid I have to take extra time on my oral hygiene. I have an NHS dentist whom I am keeping in business with all the dental work that he does on my teeth. There are many dentist offices around these days, Whitby dentist being one of them, check who is local to you.  It’s important to have a good oral hygiene especially with the types of lifestyle diets we have these days.

With the oral hygiene done with, I move on to my skincare routine and currently I am following my autumn skincare routine. Having oily skin I am always on top of my routine, clogged pores are not cute and need a lot of TLC.

Dress up| Eat Breakfast| Plan your day

I dress mostly according to my mood than the weather, but since I am always cold and it’s always raining here I am always covered. For me it’s important to dress how I am feeling that day and often I wear colours not in season just to confuse the enemy. When it comes to breakfast it’s easier for me to have it at work but I enjoy having it at home more often than not. I am a porridge and variety of oats lover so normally I eat porridge of some sort or overnight oats.

When it comes to planning my day, I have note pads around my home for writing my plans. I always think it’s important to plan your day ahead, even when life plays up but that’s ok it happens. Focus on the ones due first, those quickly achievable and tick those off and then work on the hard ones. Many would recommend starting with the hard one but as a procrastinator it just puts me off more often than not.

Block time off| schedule in me-time| Be strict

One thing that has been working for me of late is blocking off time and allocate it to an activity. For example, I set an alarm for an hour to respond to all emails and write new ones.  If I have time left I sort out my mailbox or even go through the previous day emails. Once the time is up I move on to my next allocation until my list is complete or has progress.

Scheduling in me-time seems silly but it is so vital for your productive and smooth running of your day. It might not be possible for all but try and trust me it will be worth it. How can you do this;

  • No time to waste – use your 5-minute toilet break to just relax and think of nothing else. Or play some relaxing music as you work away but also giving into having me-time.
  • If possible schedule 10-15 minutes to just do nothing or go for a walk around your home or office. It allows me to use that time to just relax and not stress about anything else.
  • Meditate – if you have extra time to use then spend some time meditating. You don’t have to be an expert to meditate, yes you might need some teaching to master technique. But you also might just need to switch your mind off work and focus on the present. Focusing on your breathing and watching the expansion and relaxation of your rib cage is the easiest way to start.

Be strict but do not overcommit

Setting alarm clocks is important so I don’t focus on one thing and neglect other items on my list. I have noticed when I am strict with my self timing then I become more productive. It is so easy to get distracted by your phone, TV and life in general. I am strict with myself to allow for continuous productivity and get more things done in a day.

A final tip is to never over-commit yourself, being overstretched and spread thin hinders productivity. YOU want to tick off items off your plan and feel a sense of accomplishment not failure.

When you read the title ‘How-to have a productive daily routine’ is this what you were expecting? Do you practice any of these tips mentioned above? How do you stay productive and on top of your game? Share your tips with us below, we would love to compare notes.

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*collaborative, all options shared are my own.