Is Being Broke the Best Time to Travel

Whilst perusing the land of Pinterest I came across an article, ‘why being broke is the best time to travel‘ and shared some good points. But somehow I was looking for something more than what was shared, so I thought I share my two cents. As much as I enjoyed the article the only thing I could relate to was the ‘being broke‘ part. I have an incredible job that I love and look forward to returning whenever I am off.

As much as travel is an essential part of my life, my job is that too as it supports my current lifestyle.

I started thinking of why I personally think being broke having some money is the best time to travel. Thinking logically this statement is totally insane, we have been conditioned to think you need lots of money to travel. In fact it’s the opposite, yes having money ensures you’re not stranded should something happen but doesn’t teach you much.

Disclaimer: I am not saying you don’t have to have ‘some money’ to travel because you do. Just don’t wait for the right time to arrive as it never does until you take the plunge!

being broke the best time to travel

Is being broke the best time to travel or is it?

For the last three years of my solo adventures on a number of occasions I have traveled on less than normal. I have visited cities with only a £100 in cash for everything; food, activities and accommodation. It might seem crazy but it truly isn’t, with a little planning and budgeting it is totally doable. Here is why I think being broke having some money is the best time to travel;

  • Teaches you to be a planner – I am a planner by nature but nothing forces you to be one like being broke. You use all the resources available to you aka google everything to find alternatives and cheaper options.
  • Teaches you to prioritize – we all have different priorities and commitments in life. It would be ill-advised of me to tell you to drop every and travel the world whilst you’re still young. Instead I will say, look at your life, assess and compromise where you can. Don’t neglect your bills or your responsibilities, plan around them.
  • Think outside the box – as a blogger I am fortunate to be able to earn passive income from the blog. I am able to use this to support my travels but it doesn’t always happen when you want it to. You could make money selling your old stuff, making things and trading goods.

As I said I would share my two cents, but I found this article really helpful and spoke the truth. Throwing a bold statement like ‘why being broke is the best time to travel’ is a dangerous statement. We all know you DEFINITELY need ‘some money‘ to be able to travel and in this case traveling abroad. If it has been your long time dream time to pack in your hated day job, I still say ‘think it through‘.