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With January comes the New Year’s resolutions to make changes in our lives, for others its Home Renovations. This includes my parent’s who have been wanting to renovate the bathroom and the toilet for a while now. Both the bathroom and toiler could do with a lick of paint and new tiles. But the major change for these two rooms are new windows that they are after.

home renovations - roof windows

Home Renovations – Roof Windows

Recently a friend of extended her kitchen unfortunately the layout of the extension does not allow for natural lighting. Her major concern is to keep this room lit, she needs to constantly have the lights on which is not idea. Can you imagine the electric bill every month just to light one room?  After doing some research and chatting to the architect she found a solution to this problem, roof windows. What a great solution indeed because companies like *Velux roof windows are specialists in roof windows.

It is such an obvious solution which the majority of us somehow seem to forget about when doing Home Renovations. We often associate roof windows for loft conversions but there are different styles like Pyramid roof windows. Roof windows do not only provide a practical solution but a stylish one for your extension or loft area.

Her house has beautiful high ceilings so she opted for an automated roof window opening with a remote control. During summer she can allow fresh air into the room and when cooking it a great ventilation system.  My absolute favourite thing about it is the rain sensor, it actually closes itself it detects rain. How clever is that?!

A few years ago I rented a flat with bedrooms located in the roof space and it had roof windows. I remember being really impressed with the seal around them and the fact they let in absolutely no draft whatsoever. It was a manual window and don’t believe it had rain sensor but it was still impressive.

Are you thinking of having an extension? Or do you already have some roof windows in your home? What are your opinions on them?



Home Renovations