7 ways to enjoy a long haul flight

Long haul flight, they can be exciting but most of us dread them, why? Because they are so long and being confide in a small enough space is not my idea of fun. At times I wish I had an alternative hence why I often opt to break them up into chunks. But majority of times I am often buzzing when I book long haul flights because I am excited about the destination.

Over the last few years I have made it my mission to focus on the final destination and what I will be enjoying. But there is still no getting away from the fact that to get to my destination I have to survive a long flight. Here are 7 ways to enjoy a long haul light and make it a fun and memorable experience.

long haul flight

I have been on a number of long haul flights in my life and each has been different in its own way. Some have been great like my trip to Dubai last year and some not so great, like my trip from Bali. Both of these experiences and others have taught me lessons which I have been utilizing in my other long flights. I have also learnt over the years how to travel stress free.

7 Ways to enjoy a Long Haul Flight

  • Comfort is key – economy doesn’t always scream comfort but you can make it so. Wear comfy clothing, loose trousers, compression socks and air circulating underwear.
  • Stay hydrated – flying causes the body to become dehydrated, drink small intermittent sips of your water and other liquids throughout the flight.
  • Exercise – sitting for too long is not good for circulation therefore onseat stretches and walking the cabin aisle is important. Stretch your legs when possible
  • Find entertainment – reading a book, chatting to neighbours or loading your tablet with your favourite programs. I also like to ensure I have good songs and games to keep me entertained.
  • Keep warm – sometimes it can get nippy up there, make sure to pack a heavy scarf to cover yourself. We l know airplane blankets aint warm enough
  • Sleep is important – think of the time you will be arriving at your destination. If it will be night time, sleep less on the plane, if day time sleep more. Some people struggle to sleep, check with your GP for sleep medication or use natural remedies.
  • Great neck support – one thing I always struggle with on flights is not having great *neck support pillow. Everyone despises the ones offered on flights and some store bought ones leaves plenty to be desired. Make sure to purchase one that will support your neck and keep you comfort throughout.

Summer vacations slowly creeping up and many off on long haul flights, make sure to prepare in advance. There is nothing worse than suffering through a long haul flight, trust me on this. Its not like you can ask the pilot to stop off cloud 9 so you can take a breather. Make it an enjoyable experience with these simple tips plus others you might use already.

long haul flight

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