Learn how-to pack like a pro

Love to travel but dislike packing or looking for tips to help you pack a carry-on your next adventure? Look no further, I am sharing some of my tips to help you pack like a pro and enjoy your vacation. Traveling is one activity that you spend money on that makes you richer and I dare say enlightened.

Over the last 3 years I have been enjoying making city escapes and adventures to Europe and further afield. I have had to learn how to survive with just a carry-on to pack all my essentials and valuables. I know people who pack the house including the kitchen sink but still don’t have the essentials required at the destination. We are here to help you change that and be more confident with your packing.

pack like a pro

Learn how-to pack like a pro

When it comes to packing for a trip, I consider myself a minimalist. I always pack the essentials and nothing else because I enjoy traveling light and it saves me money. Often I travel on budget airlines, and if you’re familiar with them you will know they come with ‘hidden’ costs. The majority of my flights to Europe are £9.99 return, check in at airport is £15, checked luggage is £40, priority boarding is £4.99+. As you can see, it can add up pretty quickly you’re better off on a luxury airline and get most of these included. But since I am a sucker for a bargain, here is how I pack like a pro and keep costs down.

Simple outfits

When it comes to pack my clothing, I am all about simplicity and longevity. I like coordinating my outfits in such a way that I can wear them for longer. Often I pack jeans, jeggings and a dress or shorts depending on the weather. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a four-day vacation I pack only two jeans to alternate on my trip. A dress or shorts if its warmer weather and a jacket or coat which I can pair with all items. I have one rule which saves me a lot of bother, what I wear on departure is what I will wear on return.

howto pack like a pro

Carry-on luggage

Packing wisely is something that I learnt from experience but also from other travelers who shared their secrets. The majority of my travels I only pack a carry-on except when traveling with ageing parents where I sometimes need more. In most cases if I need to pack more than a carry-on, with budget airlines I often purchase priority boarding which allows me an extra bag. With a *carry-on I pack the essentials as mentioned above, I use a few tips that are space-saving like:

  • Roll all my clothes instead of folding them.
  • I pack smaller gadgets in my socks inside a second pair of shoes
  • Pack a small crossover bag with important documentation and wear it on me.
  • Use a shower cap for my non-liquid makeup
  • Wear bulky things instead of packing them.

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Plan your trip ahead

This is something I myself am still working on, normally I have a general idea of my destination but nothing else. If I am planning a Winter city escape, I am thinking spending more time indoors and less time outdoors. Often I will opt to enter popular attractions as opposed to admiring them from the outside. If I am planning a Spring city escape I want a mixture of indoor and outdoor activities and pack accordingly. When you plan your trip it helps with packing the right items, saves space and money.

When it comes to planning how I will be navigating the city, Rome2Rio app is pretty good and so is über. If a lot of walking will be needed I pack the right footwear, either trainers, canvas or boots.

Share responsibilities

If you’re not traveling alone its important to share responsibilities. Instead of both packing chargers and toiletries, one can do that and create space for the other to pack essentials. I often travel alone so I am used to ensuring I have packed everything and created a packing list. Traveling with my folks of late has made me double check I pack most things so they have space for souvenirs and other bits.

Pack multi use products

Traveling on a plane abroad comes with liquid restrictions which can be a pain. I always love using the products I use at home abroad too but I don’t want to purchase them abroad. My solution has been *buying clear and empty containers where I repackage my favourite products. If you’re someone who has to always wash their hair then a shampoo and conditioner combo products are your friends. Others opt for dry shampoo which can be quite handy, I prefer lotions I can utilize as hand cream on the go.

There are so many tips out there sharing their secrets to packing like a pro. I know I check others out often to see if I can learn how-to pack like a pro even more. What other tips do you utilize when traveling with only a carry-on bag?

howto pack like a pro

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