Blog At the Beach with Icelolly!

Blog at the beach is an influencer travel event hosted by the holiday comparison site Icelolly. The event brings together influencers from all over the country and arranges for an afternoon of networking. Part of the networking brings together speakers from the industry and brands who collaborate with influencers.

Icelolly blog at the beach


Over the last 5 years of blogging, I have been to a variety of influencer events hosted by various brands. It was my first time being invited to the 6th Blog at the beach event hosted by Icelolly. Having used icelolly before to search for package travel deals I was excited to be invited to the event. Bloggers and brands networking is the first step to understanding what the expectations are. It is an opportunity for bloggers to offer their skills to brands and a teachable moment for brands.

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Blog At the Beach with Icelolly!

As a lifestyle blogger, one thing that I love about attending events is meeting other bloggers. Interacting with fellow bloggers especially those in the same niches is always informative. Ideas are shared, tips are given and you also get a chance to check out their blogs for inspiration.

Recently I had a chance to attend the @icelollyholiday #blogatthebeach event in Leeds where @vixmeldrew @girlvsglobe and @MamaMeiBlog shared their tips. It was such an informative event, I can not wait to attend another one. Click To Tweet

At the Blog at the beach Icelolly event, we had an incredible lineup of speakers to learn from. Sophie from Mama Mei shared her tips about making it in the media, Sabina from Girl Vs Globe shared her YouTube tips and Vix from Vix Meldrew and her amazing sense of humour shared tips on packaging your brand. Each of the lovely speakers had incredible tips to share with fellow influencers on their success. I especially liked;

  • Sophie – making it in media, pitch with a punch – don’t beat around the bush, get to the point
  • Vix – packaging your brand, what is your audience getting from your content?
  • Sabrina – Girl vs Globe, incorporate video into your content

Icelloy blog at the beach

The event was not only filled with the incredible panel sharing their tips but fun and games too. There were plenty of prizes to be won and we all had an opportunity to participate. The day was so fun-filled and England made it to the semi-finals. They may not have won the world cup but they won our hearts, we have a chance in the future.


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