7 Things To Do When You Can’t Sleep

The aim of this article is to share 7 things that you can do to help you sleep. As a self-declared insomniac, I know how annoying it can be when you struggle to sleep. Lack of sleep to lead to lack of motivation to wake up and do any work.

Over the few years, I have shared tips on how you can improve your sleep. I have shared bedtime routines and talked about the importance of a good mattress. In this article, we will share other tried and tested tips that have worked for us. 

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1. Have a Routine

Whilst other people can sleep at the drop of a hat, I, unfortunately, am not one of them. For me, it takes a longer time than usual before my body decides to sleep. Because of that, I have been forced to create a routine that supports sleep. This sleep routine consists of a few steps

  • Switch off all devices
  • Take a shower
  • Dress in comfiest pyjamas
  • Drink Chamomile tea

2. Practice Yoga or Meditate

Whilst I can not speak for meditation as I am still learning but it helps focus my mind. One thing I always do before bed is practice simple yoga moves that are relaxing. I have been attending yoga classes for years and it definitely helps with improving sleep.

Like yoga, meditation is all about focusing your mind to achieve mental clarity. It is not as easy as our minds are always working at 100 miles an hour. I use yoga to help me focus my mind on one thought and that’s sleep. It can take years before you can master meditation but I use Headspace App to practice.

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3. Supplement with Natural Remedies

As a Pharmacologist, I know what drugs to do our bodies and what our bodies do to drugs. Because of that, whilst I appreciate the need, I prefer to take fewer drugs. Instead, I opt for natural remedies that provide the same pharmacological effects as drugs.

Recently I have been introduced to Neuro Rest –  a natural food supplement made by Utmost Me.

Utmost Me was founded back in 2016 by Richard, the company CEO. Like many of us, he struggled with long work hours and being a new dad. It’s this that motivated him to research about the brain activity, energy and focus. He tried a lot of ways to improve his sleep but still needed something that would improve sleep.

The company has two products, Neuro Rest and Neuro Focus, I have been testing Neuro Rest. Utmost Me claims this product reduces tiredness and fatigue whilst improving serotonin levels. Neuro Rest consists of their special sleep blend which is 100% natural, vegan, Gluten-free and GMO-free. 

In the last 10+ days, I have been using the product one thing that has been apparent is my quality of sleep. It’s still taking me a while to fall asleep but once I do, I don’t wake up until 7 am. Those who know me know I wake up at least 3 times a night. It has been a great change to not waking up after I fall asleep and thereby getting a good night’s sleep.

4. Invest in a Good Mattress

In all of my tips on how to enjoy a good night’s sleep, I have talked about the importance of having a good mattress. You can have all the best sleep routines in the world but if you don’t have a good mattress, your body will suffer.

One of the best mattresses that I recommend are foam mattresses, try Fuüm or Leesa. These are mattresses that I have personally tried and enjoyed a very good night sleep. In the past, I had mattresses that left marks on my body and weren’t comfortable. What I love about foam mattresses is they conform to your body shape and don’t leave marks.

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5. Buy an Alarm Clock

As a kid, one thing I despised was the sound of my alarm going off. Most of us use our phones for many purposes one of which is as an alarm. In hopes of getting a good night sleep, phones should not be used as an alarm. By a separate alarm clock and keep it far away from the bed.

Those of us with alarms on our phones we can attest to how many times we’ve pressed snooze. It is therefore important that we use a proper alarm clock instead of a mobile phone. With an alarm clock far away from the bed, we are forced to get out of best.

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6. Read a Book

I can not remember the last I time I picked up a good book to read before bed. These days almost all of us use kindles to read books but I do love a good hard copy. This reduces how much bright light I use before bed which we know can disrupt sleep.

These days, instead of a book, I pick up work protocols and procedures. I rarely get to page 10 before I start yawning and want to sleep. Most of my family, they prefer to read books before bed to focus their minds.

7. Set your environment

Before I go to bed, I always make sure my environment is my bedroom is conducive to sleep. I always make it dark and open windows for a cool breeze to sweep through. Another thing I always do is have lavender room scent sprayed before I sleep.

I am one of those people who can not sleep with bright lights on or noise. Although I can sleep to the sound of cars driving down my street but wake up to the noise of people talking. It is therefore important to make sure your environment will support sleep.

We hope you can implement these 7 things when you can’t sleep. It is also important to have stimulants before bed, no drinking caffeine at least 2 hours before bed. 



  1. October 8, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    Reading and a good mattress are a must for me. I tend to sleep quite well but my partner struggles a lot. he finds lavender on his pillow helps

  2. October 8, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    Great tips! I have had insomnia since the age of 13 so I have 25 years experience of trying to sleep!

  3. October 8, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    I have such a hard time sleeping sometimes. This is some very useful information!

  4. October 8, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    These are really great tips. I have to keep this post in mind for those nights that I can’t sleep.

  5. October 8, 2018 / 1:42 pm

    The only problem I have with sleeping is trying to stop an overnight visitor who is small but seems to take up the whole bed

  6. October 8, 2018 / 1:39 pm

    Thankfully sleep is something that comes easily to me. But it can be quite irritating and leave one frustrated if one is not able to sleep properly. You have given some great pointers in this direction. One needs to mentally switch off to get a good rest and sleep.

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