• Silent Disco at Madame Tussauds London

    Madame Tussauds London is a wax museum located in Marylebone road dedicated to historical and famous figures. I’m sure everyone heard of Madame Tussauds London, it’s where all the stars live, their wax version at least. Thanks to Merlin Events London, we got invited to attend a Halloween Silent Disco at Madame Tussauds London.

    The silent disco was held at the end of October and unfortunately, I had a meeting clash so sent my sister and her friend in my place. They were very excited to be partying with the stars and from what I heard, it was the bee’s knees.

    Madame Tussauds London

    Silent Disco at Madame Tussauds London

    The party theme was Halloween and both my sister and her friend dressed up as the devil. They wore black jeans and paired it with a crop top and added some devil ears. The gag is the devil can come dressed in anything, you won’t know until he crashes you.

    Upon arrival, they were greeted by the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and her entourage. They were dressed so fancy and so cool, the lady who impersonated her had a banning resemblance. I have never seen anyone so beautiful, she had her nailed down to a T.

    The idea behind a silent disco is no loud music is played, everyone gets headphones. Before getting our headphones we had some bubbly, which was the perfect compliment to the start of the evening. I immediately felt relaxed and even more excited.

    Silent Disco Stations

    The headphones had different stations; green- which played contemporary and R’n’B. This made a lot of people boogie and dance as though no one was watching. The red station played a mixed variety of music from Bollywood, indie, to rock. Whereas the Blue station, which was a favourite, played 80’s and 90’s hits.

    The first 2 hours of being there, I found myself was drawn to the blue station. I just couldn’t imagine changing to any other station, until I was informed that the green station was playing spice girls. No one can resist the spice girls. I’m just not that cruel…

    As well as dancing to music, we got to boozy with the stars, made friends and have a photo opportunity with Kim Kardashian’s herself. It was such a magical moment! The DJs were really friendly, and they even let me request my favourite song. It was the perfect night. I am now in search of another silent disco.

    Madame Tussauds London

    Silent Disco Alien Room

    The atmosphere and the people were amazing. Everyone was really friendly and approachable. It was almost as though I was at a party with my good friends. There was another room to the silent disco, which we also Halloween themed, sadly because it was “an alien” rescue room. I wasn’t able to film it.

    Our main objective in that room was to rescue one of our team members. To help them get over to the other side, the room offered both thrill and excitement. At the end of it was a jungle themed room, which led to king kongs and Ets layer.

    A silent disco is a perfect night out, it’s a chance to listen to all your favourite music, dance with your favourite stars. And sing your lungs out because guess what, no one can hear you and even if they can, I’m sure they’re also singing out of tune and it’s ok.

    *We were invited to the Silent Disco by Merlin Events.



    1. Wendy
      November 14, 2018 / 3:58 pm

      This sounds so cool and sounds like something really unique, what a great way to spend a night out. I would have been listening to the blue headphones all night xx

    2. November 13, 2018 / 6:42 pm

      Omg this looks like so much fun aha. Right up my street! I’ve never been to a silent disco.. looks amazing.

    3. November 13, 2018 / 6:24 pm

      What fun! I’ve heard of silent disco but never attended. Such a unique location too. The alien room sounds fab!

    4. November 13, 2018 / 10:34 am

      oh wow i really love the idea of silent disco it is something id love to attend myself with my husband who is not doing well with loud noises

    5. November 12, 2018 / 4:25 pm

      What a fab idea for a Halloween party. The silent disco sounds so fun- I don’t think we’ve ever been to one. Loving the sound of a room with a task to complete with your buddy.

    6. November 12, 2018 / 1:37 pm

      This looks so cool! I have always wanted to go to a Silent Disco and what a fab venue to have it in!

    7. November 12, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      This sounds like so much fun! I haven’t been to a silent disco since leaving university, so it’s fun to know that places like Madame Tussauds do them 🙂

    8. November 12, 2018 / 8:52 am

      What a fantastic experience! More and more places seem to be doing silent discos. I think it is a great idea and sounds like so much fun.

      • Miranda
        November 12, 2018 / 10:55 am

        It is such a fun idea indeed, we used to have it at university years back

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