Top 4 Tips for Developing a Positive Body Image


Having a negative body image can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts research has shown. This is can be a serious problem for your mental health. Building a positive body image is something you need to do in order to improve your life as a whole. And to do this, you’ll need to change your diet, use a variety of mental self-esteem boosting tricks, and remind yourself that beauty is much more than physical appearance.

4 Tips for Building a Positive Body Image and Boosting Your Self-Esteem

1.    Make a top 10 list of your best traits

Start changing your body image by focusing on your best and attractive traits. You should make a list of ten things that you like about yourself. And this list has to be not only about your looks but also your character traits and even habits that make you a better person.

If it’s hard to write ten things from the get-go, you should start with three and then add one more every day. Make it your personal rule to start your mornings with re-reading the list and adding to it. And take a look at it every time you feel down.

building positive body image

2.    Lose some weight

One of the easiest ways to give a quick boost to your body image and self-esteem is to lose a few pounds fast. Your goal is to make it so you can see the results within 1-2 weeks maximum and get a confidence boost from this.

And to make your weight loss program even more efficient for self-esteem boosting, you should choose a diet that improves the skin health as well. The ketogenic diet plan offers both of these benefits as well as many more. This diet also benefits your gastrointestinal health, which can also help fight depression induced by low self-esteem.

3.    Get away from toxic people

Being surrounded by toxic people is bad for your mental health by default. And it’s even worse for those who are already vulnerable because of their self-esteem issues. Therefore, it’s essential to remove yourself from such a negative environment.

Instead, you should look for a positive company where you can get support and encouragement. If you are too shy, make friends online. You can also look into various events and classes in your community. There you can be anonymous but also get a chance to meet new people without pressure.

building positive body image

4.    Wear comfy clothes

You might be surprised, but wearing outfits inspired by celebrities might actually harm your body image further. This happens because you will definitely compare yourself to the icon in question, which will hardly give you confidence.

Instead of trying to emulate someone to ‘borrow’ their confidence, you need to learn how to love your own body. And it’s much easier to do when you are wearing clothes you feel comfortable in. Draw confidence from this comfort and teach yourself how to feel good in your own skin.

However, you can use the ‘celebrity outfit’ trick for special occasions. It’s a proven fact that wearing an outfit which you perceive as ‘powerful’ will give you a boost of confidence.

Before you start working on your body image boosting, use the simple self-esteem test to see where you stand. If your result is very low, you might need more help to build yourself back up. Consider joining a support group or talking to a counsellor


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