Live Life & Love #7

cover ttHi there & welcome to the seventh instalment of my series 3L’s which features not only my happenings of the ending week but more often than not my happenings on my second blog “A walk in Myrabev’s shoes” AKA “myrabev’s corner” as well as if not the entire month. Before I get into this week’s 3L’s I wanted to recap of the last 6 instalments because I can’t believe this is the 7th post in this series and I am sure if I was religiously doing these every Sunday I probably would be somewhere like the 10th or 12th instalment. Onto the countdown;

Sixth instalment: I mentioned some love issues – that’s more or less still the same, Munich trip was a success at some point I will do a post about Munich and places we visited and the entire family vacation.

Firth instalment: I mentioned how my blogs were really picking up and getting really good feedback and credit is due to the wonderful Facebook and twitter groups have joined and also my regular readers. A huge thank you from me, I also mentioned how busy work was with all the inspections and what not – everything worked out and all is well

Fourth instalment: I talked about happenings that wanted to derail my plans to travel to Munich but obviously they didn’t pan out and we went and had great time. I also introduced some lovely beauty boxes Wantable|LoveMeBeauty|

Love me beauty

Third instalment: I mentioned how much my parents were proud of me and I of them after we spent some time together in London getting our paper for Munich sorted. I created my first ever blog button by reading a LOT of posts and watching videos on How To. This was the first time I hinted at “trouble in paradise” well no change here but all is well.

Second instalment: This time was a really emotional time for me, I remember it like yesterday when I did a video “Happiness is a choice” you can see it on my YouTube Chanel “Myrabev“. I mentioned how I was finally getting into a routine with my eating, as you may or may not know I only eat breakfast and lunch then a snack anytime after but usually before 6-7pm only because by then am too tired to invest in doing anything else and no this is not a diet and I am not recommending it to anyone. My lifestyle at present has kinda brought me to this point with my food as I am a social creature and eating is a social thing for me but when you’re all alone it’s not really pleasurable (chocolate excluded because it is).


First Instalment: I introduced the series, I mentioned my move from Cambridgeshire to Oxfordshire for my not so new job anymore. I mentioned how much I was missing my parents and also shared my little secret –> my obsession with korean drama/movies.

This now brings us nicely to this weeks Live Life & Love, this series was created by me and first appeared here on AJD.


I would be lying if I said all was perfect but I will say all is well because I am living how I have chosen not chosen for me. I miss my family dearly not seen them since Munich which was 3 weekends ago today but this coming weekend God be willing I will go visit.


Again no lies, I am having better days than not. I was reading my Cosmo magazine yesterday whilst enjoying the sunshine and I was captured by one article talking about diet but not food diet more soul/heart diet. They made this diet similar to the food diet, so basically for 5 days you plan what you want to do and achieve – this distracts you from your current emotional state e.g heartache then for 2 days you let your heart mind and soul reck havoc. The doctors and what nots explained how this is good for your healing/moving forward and I couldn’t agree more, funny thing is I have been doing this since before I even read the article.


This is an area which is touchy and has no updates, speaking to friends and hearing their opinions and trying to convince them am on the same wavelength as them has been draining. We all deal with issues differently and I want the opportunity to do it my way. I appreciate the love and support but sometimes you only need expert advice from inside within you because well you know you best and not someone else no matter how close.

so that’s my 3L’s from the beginning (end march) till now (end June), I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this post. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway to win £10 amazon gift card, tell your friends & family too.
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