Thank you Sponsors ~ Part 2

2014 sponsorsAs the year comes to a close today I wanted to take some time and thank the sponsors that have made A July Dreamer a success in the last few weeks of the year. When I wrote the 1st Thank you Sponsors post I did not realise how many sponsors I had and could not fathom how this would open up more doors for this blog. I can not even begin to put it into words how grateful I am to you my readers and fellow bloggers, it is because of you that’s why my blog is getting a notice and its because of your wonderful words and constructive criticism that I aim to improve but saying that I do not want to lose myself nor my voice due to sponsorship after all this is a place where I share my love not a place to share only what am given whether I like it or not.

To end this year I wanted to thank the following sponsors and charity, I wish you all the success in Twenty fifteen (2015).

Discount cards

Fabyouless – This is a discount card that can be used in countless venues across the UK, for those based in the UK and want to sign up to this awesome discount card just the image in the right sidebar and buy the card for £29.95 which is half price and the card is valid for 12 months. I personally recommend this card because if your aim is to save some money wherever you can but not cut back on your little treats then this is the card for you.

soniclearSoniclear Cleanse system – you all know how much I love my soniclear. I had always wanted to own a soniclear but could never afford it not even if I gave me 3 of my sub boxes (which I have given up anyway). When I was offered to test it out for this blog I was more than ecstatic I was over the moon. I am happy to report that I am still using this little beauty every other day alongside my derma roller & face serum.

Gorilla grip 1

Griptight Gorillapod – I must confess though I love this little product I have not had much chance to use it this ending month. But I still would recommend it for this who would like to take selfies as the legs of the pod are flexible and can be attached anywhere.Visit Joby to see how many ways you can use this product, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a flexible stand which is adjustable and fits all best selling smartphones, easy to set-up and disassembles without hassle as well as small enough to be carried everywhere without any trouble.

The habit calculatorThe Habit Calculator – Legal and General created this habit calculator to help people think about how much their habit actually costs and where cuts could be made to save for the future. As you can see my habit has been calculated and if I put that money away I could go on 15.2 holidays abroad, buy 12.2 new laptops, attend 48.7 festivals and deposit 2.4 times for a car. This did put things into perspective for me and moving forward I am cutting back on my habit.

Dragonfly teaDragonfly Tea – Those who know me and/or have worked with me know that I love me a good cuppa joe. I love tea probably more than I love hot chocolate, hot chocolate probably wins because places like starbucks or cafe nero make them quite nice whereas the types of teas they have do not particularly scream for my attention. Dragonfly tea is an amazing brand and they make amazing and organic tea. My top fav has been the chai tea and I must say I was pleasantly surprised because I never liked chai anything before, now its my go to tea and I am on my 2nd box already.

Nib nibsNib Nibs – where do you nibble yours, I nibble mine at home in bed and at work. I love these nibbles, I have said before I am not that much of a cheese person and if given the chance I would rather avoid it. I am not allergic or anything I just have a bad childhood memory. When I was sent the nib nibs I was sceptical so I tried the chilli flavoured ones as I do not think you can go wrong with anything chilli and to my surprise I loved it and still do. They truly are the best nibbles in yorkshire and now for me in oxfordshire too.

IMG_1333.JPGMango Salute – The last few weeks I had been dilly dally on what kind of cards to give my family and though I knew personalised was the way forward I could not make up my mind until Mango Salute came into the picture and I knew they were it. I love these cards because they are designed by the best artists from 30 different countries so you know variety and diversity is definitely on top for these guys. I chose cards that reflected each of my family members personality and they arrived just in time for christmas and not a day late. I was able to personalise the inside with pictures and wrote personal messages to each family member which they appreciated.

Oz naturalsOZ Naturals – I have only had these products for a few weeks but I have loved using each one. The eye gel has been great reducing the puffiness around my eyes, the serums have been great keeping my face youth, younger and fresh. I highly recommend these products to all skin types as they are natural and the eye gel is plant based but if you’re on specialised meds please consult your doc or dermatologist to ensure no drug-drug interaction.

A huge thank you to all these amazing sponsors, I am very grateful for choosing to work with me and wishing you the very best start to the New Year.

Pic-3_V1Before I bid you farewell I wanted to make a mention of the charity Send A Cow which does amazing works in Poverty stricken countries in Africa. Whatever support you can render them is greatly appreciated even just spreading the word that too is helping out.


Happy Holidays and wishing you the best start to the New Year and every success in 2015


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